Get Warframe’s Massive New Archwing Update Now On All Platforms

A massive new updates for Digital Extremes’ free-to-play third-person combat game, Warframe, is now live on all platforms.

Archwing most notable additions include a brand new game mode that allows you and your Tenno to take on battles on only on foot, but in space. There are also a couple of new weapons, new enemies, and a brand new Tenno with its own set of new abilities.

Catch the full feature list below:

Warframe Archwing Update

New Game Mode – Tenno fly into the depths of space in the new game mode that puts the ‘space’ into space ninjas! Archwing technology contains unique new weapons and abilities to unleash against the enemy.

New Quests – Deepen the lore and expand the Warframe universe! Discover the Archwing technology and secrets of the new Warframe; each with their own set of interlinked missions!

New Archwing Weapons

  • Veritux – Weightless space turns this impossibly massive sword into an agile instrument of destruction.
  • Imperator – A long range rifle capable of firing in space, the Imperator’s versatility makes it an ideal weapon for space combat.
  • Onorix – This laser bladed battle-axe easily hacks through a ship’s defenses and the forces protecting it.

New Syndicates – Represent one of six Syndicates to earn unique rewards as your Standing increases! Wear your Syndicate’s Sigil with pride in missions to earn Standing and proclaim your loyalty!

New Warframe, Limbo – Bring honor to the solar system with a Magician-like Warframe whose hat wields exceptional powers. Limbo’s powers include:

  • Banish – Displaces a target into the rift plane, inflicting additional damage if the target is hostile.
  • Rift Walk – Pass over into the rift plane.
  • Rift Surge – Surge the void energy through the rift plane, increasing the damage inflicted on enemies that have been banished there.
  • Cataclysm – A violent blast of void energy tears open a pocket of rift plane which can sustain itself for a short period before collapsing in another lethal blast.

New Weapons

  • Halikar – This jet powered Grineer throwing mace always comes back to its master.
  • Opticor – Once charged, this Corpus laser cannon dispatches a devastating blast of light energy.

New Tileset – The Corpus Ice planets have been added permanently to missions in Europa!

New Customizations

  • Sigils – Found in the “Regalia” section of the Arsenal, equip and customize Sigils to show your loyalties and accomplishments!
  • Liset – 10 Bobblehead decorations are here for you to buy and adorn your Liset with!

New Mods – Over 70 new Mods to be found and fused, 25 of which are Archwing specific! Including:

  • Ability Augment Mods – Ability Augment Mods tweak and enhance Warframe Abilities, find them within the Reward tiers of Syndicates!
  • Standard & Corrupted Mods – All new mods to extend beam range, proc time, projectile speed and more!
  • Archwing – Customize your Archwing with mods found by killing new Archwing enemies!

New Enemies – New types of enemies equipped to fly in space present new challenges in combat. The Grineer have returned Sprag and Ven’kra to the battlefield, and introduced a new enemy with a vicious pet Kubrow of his own! Don’t count the Corpus out yet! A new miniboss, Lynx, has also appeared!

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