Warframe Baro Ki’Teer Items for December 1, 2017 Revealed

If you play Digital Extremes’ highly popular free-to-play game Warframe on either the PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, then chances are you know of Baro Ki’Teer — the bi-monthly vendor that makes an appearance every other Friday to sell some exotic stuff for players.

For today, December 1, 2017, Barok Ki’Teer’s wares can be seen below courtesy of Reddit user Lord_Dust_Bunny!

Lord_Dust_Bunny even has a  list of “suggested buys” for mods and cosmetics. Bear in mind that these are subjective and should not be taken as fact on what to purchase and what not to. Think of ’em as guidelines more than anything.

Making another “Suggested Buys” list, though remember this is subjective. Items are listed in general order they should be bought, with the ‘best’ buy being at the top of each section.


  • The Impact mods are all particularly niche, and all drop from the Eidolon now. Skip.
  • Special note to Collision Course: there is a Prime version of the base Impact mod for melee. Skip unless you want it for an Atlas stat stick as it has no other use.


  • The Eos Prime Set is a very nice armor set.
  • Ki’Teer Solstice Syandana is a festive syandana, but it is very blocky and does not fit most frames well.
  • Everything else is summed up as if you like what it’s for (Puppers, Baro Glyphs, Sentinel Cosmetics) get it and otherwise ignore.


  • Sands of Inaros is always a good buy if you do not own Inaros.
  • Machete Wraith is a Machete that isn’t the Gazal or a Zaw. Skip unless you want the Mastery.
  • Do not buy the Corrupted Bombard Specter

If you’re curious why people should NOT buy the Corrupted Bombard Specter, here’s why:

In no particular order:

  • The Specter is a one time use blueprint you have to pay to make in your foundry. It only makes 5 specters.
  • The Bombard specter, unlike every other specter in the game, is not an Eximus. This means it is significantly less tanky then other specters and provides no additional utility.
  • The Bombard specter comes with a shield drone. This shield drone only follows the Bombard, cannot give shields to the Bombard, and has no shields itself.
  • The Bombard specter can be stunlocked.
  • The Bombard specter does not CC enemies with it’s weapon

It’s basically a meme item. Just summoning a Lancer specter or Shield Charger specter will provide you with much more actual usage, with the benefit of not costing ducats.

That’s it for this week. Once Barok updates his wares, we’ll let readers know. If you’re a Warframe fan and want to see more coverage of the game here on MP1st, let us know in the comments below.

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