Warframe Hard Mode Detailed, Deadlock Protocol Coming Soon

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Warframe hard mode has finally been revealed, pointing to a possible coincide release with the upcoming Deadlock Protocol drop.

This news was revealed a few week’s ago during the dev stream, which detailed some of the current development happening for Warframe hard mode

  • There will be two new difficulties. One hard, and once that’s completed ultra-hard will unlock.
  • Hard Mode: Enemies base level +50
  • Ultra Hard Mode: Enemies base level +100
  • Rewards are being worked on as are resources
  • XP is boosted naturally by the enemies levels
  • Potentially mastery implementation
  • Maybe some ship decorations for completing specific regions on hard mode
  • New Mission selector menu, applied to every tile in the game

During this week’s dev stream, Digital Extremes noted that Warframe hard mode may be releasing along with Deadlock Protocol, which according to the team is still set to release this month. This was however a big maybe as they are currently unsure if it will make the release in time. As for Deadlock Protocol, if it happens to miss next week then players should expect it to drop the first week of June. Deadlock Protocol will introduce the Corpus Ship tileset remaster along with the new Warframe, Protea. We’ll be sure to keep you all posted as the update drops, which should be for PC first, followed by consoles.

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