Warframe Update 1.020 Patch Notes; Drops for Nora’s Mix Vol. 2 Hotfix 31.6.4 This July 14

Warframe Update 1.023

Warframe update 1.020 has been deployed by Digital Extremes, and this is for Nora’s Mix Vol. 2 hotfix 31.6.4! Players can expect new rewards to obtain, and a long list of tweaks as well. Check out the full Warframe hotfix 31.6.4 patch notes.

Warframe Update 1.020 Patch Notes | Warframe Hotfix 31.6.4 Patch Notes:

Size: 2.5GB


Insert Disc 2. 

“It’s that time again, Dreamers.”

While Nora may like change in the System, she’s not one to stop the party when things are going her way. Introducing Nora’s Mix Vol. 2 – Starting Sunday, July 17 @ 8pm ET! 

Similar to Vol. 1, Nora’s Mix Vol. 2 will continue our design goals for Nightwave. We still want to add new weekly goals for Tenno to complete, while being able to focus on our 2022 development goals! You can read more about our Nightwave philosophy in our post earlier this year!

Like previous editions of Nightwave, we have included duplicate protection for rewards that you have already unlocked. Identical to Nora’s Mix Vol. 1, Tenno can expect to be compensated with Nora’s Mix Vol. 2 Creds instead of the previous unlocked reward.

New Acts!

We are including 3 new Weekly Acts and 1 new Elite Weekly Act for those returning home. If you know… you know.

New weekly Acts include…

Eternal Guardian
Complete 3 Void Armageddon missions.

High Ground
Complete 3 Void Flood Missions.

Zariman Bounty Hunter
Complete 4 different Bounties in the Zariman.

And for the skillful, an Elite Weekly Act…

Fallen Angel
Defeat 5 Void Angels in the Zariman.
*This can be achieved either solo or while in a squad. If your squad defeats a Void Angel, every member will have the Act completed, regardless of if they dealt the final blow.  

For any Tenno that have not yet completed Angels of the Zariman, these challenges are hidden to prevent any potential spoilers! We have also removed the Elite Weekly Act ‘Silent Eliminator’ which required you to complete a level 30 Exterminate without triggering alarms. 

New Rewards!

A mix of new rewards are coming alongside a hand-picked selection of rewards from previous Nightwave series! 

Nightwave Ship Decoration
A mini-decoration of the Nightwave Landing Craft.

Noggle Statue – Nora Night
A small statue of a person larger than life.

Nora Night Glyph Pack
Complete your profile with a pair of Nora Night Glyphs – “Style baby!” 

Weapon Augments (stats below are shown at max rank) 

  • Critical Precision (Tiberon): Burst Fire Only: Headshots increase Critical Chance by 10% up to 500%. Missing with all shots in a burst removes up to 100% of this bonus Critical Chance. 
  • Vile Discharge (Embolist): Damage is accumulated up to 30,000. Use Alt-fire to launch an explosive vile sac dealing and resetting the accumulated damage.

Nightwave Operator Collection
Nora’s got the goods for you lucky Dreamers with this stylish collection of the Nightwave Suit, Sleeves, and Leggings. 

Nightwave Earpieces
A fashionable accessory only a Tenno could adorn.

Necramech Statue
Adorn your Orbiter with this decoration representing a Necramech. 

The following items have also been added to the Cred Offerings shop: 

Nightwave Ornament 
A decoration for all you Dreamers out there.

Gyre Automaton Helmet Blueprint 
Electrifying style coming in hotter than lighting!


  • Added a permanent link to the official Warframe Discord server in the in-game news segment in the Orbiter under the community tab. 


  • Riven Disposition Changes: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1316039-july-2022-riven-dispositions/
    • As with each round of Prime Access come updated Riven Disposition numbers – tune into TennoCon on July 16th to learn who is the next Prime Warframe!
  • Lohk Surge buffs will now apply to the whole squad instead of only when within Affinity Range of the player who activates it. 
  • Energy and Health Orbs can now be picked up, even if you have maxed out Energy, during the “Any Energy Orbs picked up grant 1 Energy per second for the rest of the mission” and “Any Health Orbs picked up grant 25 max Health for the rest of the mission” Lohk Surge buffs.
  • Reduced the price of the Kubrow Starter Kit from 65 Platinum to 50.  
    • Stasis Slots and DNA Stabilizers were removed from the game in Update 28 and also from the Kubrow Starter Kit, but the price was not adjusted to reflect this change. That said, we will be running a script to refund the 15 Platinum difference for players that had purchased the pack after the changes on June 11th, 2020. We will update here when the script has completed. 
  • The Hystrix now has signature effect of an 8% chance to instantly reload after landing 
  • headshots when wielded by Khora.
  • The Dual Keres now has a 20% Heavy Attack Efficiency when wielded by Khora.
  • Kuva Trokarians are now susceptible to CC abilities after their Overguard protection has been removed.
    • By design, Kuva Trokarians pre-Overguard had immunities/resistances from another source outside of Overguard that were still active once it was removed by players. They now follow the same logic as other enemies with Overguard.
  • Swapped the Saryn Junction Specter sniper rifle for a different rifle type that has been balanced for AI.
  • Swapped the Frost Specter (Earth-Mars) and Loki Specter (Uranus-Neptune). 
  • Swapped the Landing Craft ‘Orokin Eye’ Air Support icon for marked loot from the default marker to the Orokin Eye icon. 
  • Radiation Hazard will no longer appear with Interception mission Sorties.
    • It is simply just not fun for everyone to get Radiation proc’d while all standing together to capture a tower.
  • Added a marker to Warframe impaled by Void Angel for better visibility. 
  • Improved hit detection when damaging the Void Angel ground spike. 
  • Updated the grip position on the Ferlarx’s Incarnon mode model.  


  • Made micro-optimizations to game & engine startup.
  • Made systemic optimizations to memory usage throughout the game on all platforms.
  • Made micro-optimizations to memory footprint for all platforms. 
  • Optimized memory footprint for large levels.
  • Made micro-optimizations to memory use for certain types of special effects.


  • Fixed the Phenmor’s “50% more Incarnon charge on headshots” Evolution IV perk not working. 
    • Charging to Incarnon mode was taking 12 hits regardless of if you had this Evolution perk or not. Now, charging will take 12 hits if you do not have this perk, and 8 hits if you do. 
  • Fixed being unable to use manual blocking while in melee-only mode, or use aim+attack melee combos, unless you are also using the ‘Hold to Aim Weapon’ in the Accessibility options. 
    • We reverted back to its original functionality where melee could toggle into blocking mode when ‘Hold to Aim Weapon’ was disabled. 
  • Fixes towards Railjack crew members assigned to Pilot not trying to destroy mission targets while you’re away.
    • This may still occur rarely but it’s a different issue than the bug which caused them to never try at all. We’d appreciate your videos and detailed bug reports if you encounter POIs that crew members do not correctly engage.
  • Fixed an issue where jumping out of a mantle animation wouldn’t give you any vertical velocity.
    • Previously, if you came across a scalable object, your Warframe would attempt to climb over the object. Pressing the jump button during this action would cause your Warframe to somersault downwards and fall. We have now adjusted the animation to propel the Warframe upwards to allow you to easily climb over the object and maintain your momentum.
  • Fixed more issues with Skittergirl pathing in the Zariman tileset.
  • Fixed Rank 3 or above Molt Augmented and Molt Reconstruct Arcanes not giving extra Warframe revives.
    • Also fixed the Molt Arcanes and Arcane Pulse not indicating that they will give an extra Warframe revive at Rank 3 and up. 
    • Also fixed an issue where being over capacity on mods was unforgiving, preventing even mods with zero drain from applying (ex. arcanes).
  • Fixed “Can Refresh” label appearing in the UI for Arcanes that do not have a Duration element to it. 
  • Fixed the stat change for  Incarnon weapons that have crit/status chance Evolution upgrades not appearing in the Arsenal. 
  • Fixed the Emergence Savior Arcane giving Clients immortality after they die instead of triggering on death.  
  • Fixed the Cascadia Empowered Arcane buffs applying to Companion or Sentinel weapons.
  • Fixed an additional filter option appearing in Captura while using a controller. 
  • Fixed loss of functionality due to poor connection when Client dies in Necramech. 
  • Fixed Clients getting stuck in a black screen indefinity after Host Migration in Zariman missions. 
  • Fixed Clients getting permanently stuck in the Zariman elevator if they abort when the Void Angel’s Health bar spawns. 
  • Fixed another case of back to back Zariman Extermination missions auto completing after Host migration occurs in the first mission.  
  • Fixed hitting a fish with the wrong spear causing them to be indefinitely uncatchable afterwards. 
  • Fixed being unable to pick up Energy Orbs after casting Zephyr’s Airburst while Zenurik’s Inner Might is active. 
  • Fixed skins applying to the Innodem’s Incarnon mode form. 
  • Fixed issues where enemies may prefer to jump up and down to cross the elevator shaft, instead of just going around on the same level in the Zariman tileset. 
  • More fixes towards cases where an Arbitration Drone’s aura might persist even after it was destroyed. 
  • Fixed Raptor not spawning in its Assasination mission if Host migration occurs after it appears for the first time. 
  • Fixed sound settings not being respected when driving over water with K-Drive. Splish splash was too loud. 
  • Fixed descriptions for Lohk Surges in-mission appearing as stars when playing in certain languages. 
  • Fixed certain Blink Pads in open landscapes losing functionality. 
  • Fixed the left Kukri Prime Leg Guard offset appearing weirdly on Saryn Prime and various of her skins. 
  • Fixed the Protovyre Leg Armor clipping through Harrow Prime. 
  • Fixed Prosecutor enemies being incorrectly named as ‘Guardian Eximus’ in the Simulacrum menu.  
  • Fixes towards rare cases where the launcher might show negative download size left when certain types of network error interrupt the download.
  • Fixed Dojo levels reloading after placing/canceling a new room and not spawning the player in front of the door for said room. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Molt from the Saryn Junction Specter would stay behind after the player respawns, causing her to target it instead of the player. 
  • Fixed another case of the Thrax Centurion going into an invulnerable crouch state instead of going into their Void form. 
  • Fixed the Arcanes in Cavalero’s Offerings appearing under the ‘Mods’ category. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1314743-cavalero-shop-has-the-wrong-category/
  • Fixed the Drekar Ballista missing arms. 
  • Fixed a certain spot in the Grineer Sealab tileset resetting Warframe to a new spawn point face down. 
  • Fixed doors not opening to go back up to the surface during the Exploiter Orb fight. 
    • Also fixed crash related to this. 
  • Fixed kills made by non-player allies (Specters, Kuva Liches, etc.) not counting towards the ‘Awaken a Dormant Void Angel and Defeat It’ Zariman Bounty challenge.
  • Fixed the Felarx in its Incarnon mode being able to generate and maintain charge from its shots. Charge is only built up while out of Incarnon mode. 
  • Fixed stretched embers in the Verv Ephemera. 
  • Fixed script error that could occur when activating an enemy encounter in the Orb Vallis. 
  • Fixed script error when building the Operator Vahd Apparel blueprint in the Foundry.
  • Fixed script error with Vauban’s Tesla Link. 
  • Fixed script error with Lohk Surges. 
  • Fixed script error with custom UI themes. 
  • Fixed script error when casting Nidus’ Ravenous in the Simulacrum and then switching Warframes via Arsenal before the Maggots explode. 
  • Fixed script error with Harrow’s Penance. 
  • Fixed script error with the Railjack Phoenix Blaze Battle mod. 
  • Fixed script error with Saryn’s Toxic Lash. 
  • Fixed script error with Landing Craft Air Support. 
  • Fixed script error caused by players exiting/disconnecting during the forced transference process when entering the Void Angel’s portal.
  • Fixed script error when closing Codex. 
  • Fixed script error when capturing Conservation animals. 
  • Fixed script error with Chroma’s Effigy. 

Code fix that is coming in the next update:

  • Fixed stackable buffs for Galvanized Scope/Crosshair being removed all at once when the first stack’s time runs out.
    • Also fixed Arcanes that have decaying stacks losing all their bonus when a stack expires. 

Source: Warframe forums

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