Warframe Update 13 Adds New Playable Warframe And More

A new update for the PC version of the free-to-play third-person shooter, Warframe, is now available to download as of this writing.

It brings with it multiple changes to the game such as the new melee 2.0 system that buffs melee damage and more. You’ll also see the addition of Dark Sectors. Catch the tutorial video above.

Most importantly, Update 13 introduces a new Warframe, the Hydroid. Check out the latest Warframe in action below:

[youtube id=”z2BHfrR3ikE”]

For the full list of additions to Warframe, check out the change log below :

Warframe Update 13 Change Log

  • MELEE 2.0 – Your melee weapons have never been so powerful and your Warframe never so agile! Fully equip your melee weapon, add Combo Chaining, Equip State and Stance Mods and realize an entirely new melee system for your Warframe. Block attacks, combine moves, become more ninja!
  • DARK SECTORS – End game is in the lost outposts of the Solar System. Ready your Clan and build Solar Rails to lay claim to these Dark Sectors on the Star Map. Collect Tribute, a form of transit fare, from everyone who uses your rail but stay alert, Tenno — other Clans can try to overtake your Sector.
  • NEW WEAPONS – ATTICA – Quickly fire off a volley of deadly bolts with the Attica Repeating Crossbow.
  • NAMI SKYLA – Like the surge and crash of storm waves, a master of the Nami cutlass and Skyla dagger turns these two separate weapons into one fluid attack.
  • NIKANA – The Nikana Katana reintroduces a lost Tenno blade and with it another fragment of the old ways.
  • NEW PRIME WEAPON – Lex Prime joins the ranks of elite Prime weapons.
  • MELEE WEAPON ATTACHMENTS – Four new SUGATRA Melee Weapon Attachments display the martial finesse and skill of its master.
  • NEW WEAPON SKINS – The Shock Camo Skins’ bold patterns are designed to confuse the optical processing of both robotic and organic enemies.
  • NEW ENEMIES – Vay Hek’s Prosecutors and Guardsmen pose new threats. Find the elemental damage type they’re vulnerable to and take them down!
  • NEW SENTINEL SKIN – Add the Para Skin to your Carrier! The perfect companion for the new Hydroid Warframe.
  • EXPANDED TILESET – Explore this new Grineer Shipyard Tileset in the Ceres planetary region.
  • DOJO CUSTOMIZATION – Ten new Dojo Rooms are now available!

Are you looking forward to playing as the Hydroid?

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