Watch Apex Legends Gold Loot All Obtained in One Location by One Super Lucky Player

Are you an Apex Legends player? If so, you’ll know that the best items in the game are the gold loot kind, which grants the maximum buffs and extra bonuses that will give you an upper hand in engagements, healing and more.

What if I told you that there was one match where one player nabbed all the Apex Legends gold loot in one location? Improbable? Impossible? Well, it happened, and we have video proof! Thanks to Reddit user palupalu12345 for supplying the footage, which you can watch below.

That’s one lucky pass through and item pick up, no? The only thing he didn’t get was a gold weapon! I can’t say I’ve ever had anything close to this since every gold item I see is usually a hop up for the Devotion, or some other thing I don’t use.

Have you ever encountered anything like the video above? Got a cool or noteworthy Apex Legends moment? Hit us up at MP1st ( to have it featured here.

In other Apex Legends news, Respawn has mentioned an update on crashes and audio issues.

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