Watch Dogs Multiplayer Details – How to Party Up in Free Roam, Whole Map Accessible, and More

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More details surface surrounding Watch Dog‘s unique online experience that was shown off in depth last week.

Clarifying some of the confusion spread a couple of days ago, Watch Dog’s creative Director, Jonathan Morin confirmed that every inch of Chicago will be accessible in the online multiplayer.

Many were also curious as to how players would be able to connect with their own friends. Despite the game not having any sort of lobby/party system, it will feature public and private options that’ll allow you to invite and play with up to 8 players in one free roam session.

MorinΒ then went on to answer other questions regarding cops, abilities during online, mini-games, and other details.

Watch Dogs is set to launch May 27th on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and the Xbox One.


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