Watch Dogs Offers Optional Drop-in Multiplayer, Blood, and More

On the heels of the release date announcement for Watch Dogs, Ubisoft held a Q&A session for fans covering a few pertinent topics.

During the livestream, Danny Belanger, lead game designer, shed more light on how players can interact with one another and what mechanisms are in place to prevent some players from ruining the game for others.

“All the online activities are just part of the menu,” stated Belanger on the livestream, via Polygon. “They’re a choice. But if someone is not into that …. they can totally turn it off.”

Should you choose to keep that option on, Ubisoft has designed the system in way to prevent your game from being spoiled. He added, “there’s also something important called the shield.”

“If someone comes into your game, they can’t come in right after so you can’t be spammed in that way — unless you become aggressive and you start going into other people’s games. Then you really become available. But it’s just a player choice in the end.”

In case you were wondering if the game featured blood since some recent rumors suggested it wouldn’t, Watch Dog’s Creative Director, Jonathan Morin, assured on Twitter that “there’s blood in the game”.

Watch Dogs is slated for May 27th release, featuring several types of multiplayer modes.

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