Watch These Battlefield 1 Montages, Submit Your Clips to MP1st TV!

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It’s been a long time coming: but the MP1st YouTube channel is back in business! With the site finally getting its bearings, and our community now engaging like before (to some extent), it’s time we brought back MP1st TV into the fold too!

The first user submitted clip comes from “bitcloudrzr” who shared two Battlefield 1 mini montages. We first see one where he goes to town using a Fedorov Degtayrev and goes on a nine-enemy killstreak!

Next, we get another mini montage, and this one shows an octa-kill with a revolver!

If you want your clips featured here on the website and in the MP1st YouTube channel, hit us up via email:! We’re thinking of rolling out rewards, gift cards and whatnot once things get really rolling, so why not be one of the first, right?

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