Report: WB Montreal Next Game to Be a Co-Op Multiplayer Open World Game

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While Warner Bros. Montreal (or more commonly known as WB Montreal) isn’t as well known as the Rocksteady Studios, the developer of the Batman: Arkham franchise, the studio is big enough that publisher Warner Bros. trusts it with its big games and DLC.

With the studio’s last project being Batgirl: A Matter of Family DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight way back in 2015, some might be wondering just what the studio has been doing since then. Well, it seems the WB Montreal next game will not only be an open-world game (as most are these days), but will also include co-op, multiplayer, and be an action-RPG of some sort.

The tidbits of info was unearthed by Reddit user virgilhawkins17 who wrote a lengthy post explaining how he came to this conclusion. Short story is, he perused the LinkedIn profile of some of the employees, which you can view here, and here. The postings mention a game being developed using Unreal Engine 3, and mentions some of the same things in the Arkham games, with the most interesting bit being the “spawning of resources and decision-making.”Additional info indicates it’s an open-world, co-op multiplayer game, which also has a single-player component, and will let you make your own decisions and gather your own resources. There’s also a few screengrabs just in case the listings are taken down.


Click the images to see the duties and responsibilities of these developers that heavily hint at WB Montreal’s next game. 

Bear in mind nothing here has been confirmed, so there’s a chance that these can all be outdated. We’ve contacted WB to ask for a statement on this and will update the post if and when they issue a statement.

Thoughts on this so far? You a fan of a DC game being an open-world, decision-making, action-RPG? Or you want something else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.