Weird West Update 1.11 Released for Patch 1.03D This June23

Weird West Update 1.11
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Following this week’s The Miners and The Restless patch rollout for Weird West, WolfEye Studios has released Weird West update 1.11, which is tagged as version 1.03D by the devs, and includes a handful of important bug fixes. Read on for the Weird West June 23 patch notes.

Weird West Update 1.11 Patch Notes | Weird West Version 1.03D Patch Notes | Weird West June 23 Patch Notes:

This hot fix addresses the following issues introduced with the patch earlier this week or that had not made it on time for inclusion on said patch:

  • Fix for Player inventory duplicating and overriding Player’s Horse inventory
  • Fix for Ranged Weapon fire rate going crazy in some rare contexts
  • Fix for Weapon Perks and Item Durability being reset when put in Horse’s Saddlebag or Bank Safe after save/reload
  • Fix (for real this time!) Ruth becoming hostile after being captured during a Bounty mission
  • Fix for Dead Zone issue on game pad (introduced when fixing the one on Mouse)
  • Fix for some Amulets’ effects remaining active after unequipping the amulet

We apologize for the inconvenience resulting from those bugs, and we hope those fixes will now allow you to fully enjoy the latest patch!

That’s it for this title update. If there’s a new patch for the game, we’ll let our readers know.

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