Welcome to the Official MP1st Forums

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Greetings, MP-heads/MP1sters/MPers! (We’ve never quite figured out what to call you guys.)

Today is a great day for MP1st! We are extremely proud and happy to announce that the official MP1st Forums are live as of right now.

This means that you guys have a place to hang out and talk multiplayer games not only with us, but with other like-minded gamers right here on MP1st. Find out what we’re up to in the “MP1st Headquarters.” Here, you can keep up with the latest announcements and leave your valuable feedback and suggestions to help make MP1st the number 1 spot for all things multiplayer. Get to know us and others in the “Multiplayer’s Lounge.” Here, you can talk about whatever you like, including sports, entertainment and music. Don’t forget to introduce yourself and learn about MP1st staff in the “Introductions.” This is also a great place to just chat with us and ask us your questions or leave your comments. Talk about your favorite multiplayer games in “Games Discussion.” Make sure to let us know what game sub-categories you would like to see in the discussion. We also have leaderboards, events, ranks and and trophies, including one that you can only achieve by starting a thread within the next 24 hours! But, of course, this is just the beginning. Expect improvement, new features and just a generally amazing community that is only going to grow and grow.

To get a better picture of what our forums are about, make sure to read our introduction page written by MP1st’s Jorik De Waen, aka “Niosus.”

Both my fellow co-founder, Fahed J, and I would like to sincerely thank our amazing team that put their blood, sweat and tears into these forums. They include Jorik De Waen/Niosus (MP1st’s Webmaster), Shawn Kegarise/PR0TENTIAL (MP1sts’ Forum Community Manager and Writer) and Jimmy Lara/NITROWOLF2 (Media Producer and Writer) with a special thanks to Riku and BORA2500ETX who helped us out during the beta testing. The entire project has shaped up over 9000 times better than we could have ever expected. So, thank you guys. You are all Max Prestige/Colonel 100 in our hearts.

So, without further ado, we woud like to share with you the MP1st Forums! Signing up is easy-as-pie and you can choose from a whole slew of super sick avatars or choose your own.

See you on the forums!