Wild Hearts Update 1.032 for July 6 Rolled Out

Wild Heart Update 1.032

EA has released Wild Hearts update 1.032 on all platforms this July 6. This is an unannounced patch, which we’re guessing will come with various fixes and whatnot. Read on for the new Wild Heart update patch notes.

Wild Hearts Update 1.032 Patch Notes for July 6:

EA has not revealed the patch notes just yet nor has there been any teases on new content incoming. Chances are, we’ll be getting news about it within the day.

Once we know more details about the patch, we’ll let our readers know. If you spot any fixes or adjustments, leave a comment below.

If you still haven’t picked up the game, go read our review here where we state, “The game is, in a word, solid, save for its glaring performance woes. It may very well be the “start of a saga” that Koei Tecmo hopes it to be, though we’ll have to see how well they handle the game’s post-launch support. Until then, Wild Hearts stands as the best title we currently have as competition in the monster-hunting subgenre, and a pretty good one at that.”

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