Will We Ever See Casino Operators Like Mr. Green Hosting Multiplayer Games?

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A 3D avatar to represent you, a virtual casino full of people, realistic graphics and 24/7 technical support—isn’t that something online casino players would be interested in? Even though gamblers care mostly about the money, they would appreciate such platforms.

So, why aren’t billion-dollar casinos brands like Mr. Green working on MMOs? Will multiplayer games ever become a thing?

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

Gamers that love Steam have probably come across this game. First released in 2015, the Four Kings Casino and Slots platform is a virtual casino where gamblers frequent. Designed like a Vegas casino, you can walk around the establishment, befriend people while watching others play table games.

Inside the casino, you are represented by a 3D avatar of your choice. The casino gifts you free chips to use on poker, blackjack, roulette, video poker or slots. Like most modern land-based casinos, The Four Kings Casino and slots game is constantly evolving. What you wear today isn’t what you’ll wear tomorrow.

Winning is the only sure way to earn a seat at the gaming tables. If you lose constantly, your money diminishes and you can’t afford new clothes or chips for gaming. On the other hand, beat the house severally and your rank is improved to a VIP level. There’s also a career mode that runs for 3 months. The winner’s chosen picture is published in the casinos Hall of Fame.

Live Dealers

Depending on your likes, you may argue that online casinos like Mr. Green offer something better than virtual multiplayer games. Live dealers bring together multiple players in real time. Instead of virtual tables, dealers and games, you play using real equipment.

Most casinos have dedicated live dealer rooms located in different parts of the world. They have real croupiers, regular gaming tables and roulette wheels. Players make the calls on interfaces available on their individual computers.

Like virtual multiplayer casino games, players can also use virtual chips during certain games. They can increase chips by depositing more cash to their account. Again, they can convert chips into cash and withdraw it. This is something you can’t do playing the Four Kings Casino and Slots game.

If you’ve never played casino multiplayer games, try out live dealers. Betting for roulette starts at €0.10. With €5, you can play one round of your favorite blackjack game. Poker, Baccarat and other table games also have similar prices.

Live Slots Tournaments at Mr. Green

In addition to live table games, some casinos also host multiplayer slot games. Mr. Green first hosted a slots competitions in 2017 and has maintained the offer ever since. Players enter tournaments every 15-30 minutes. The tournaments run for 30 minutes, giving you half an hour to accumulate as many points as possible.

Mr. Green gives you points every time you win. The top five players after the tournament is done receive the grand prize of free spins and bets. Read Mr. Green’s review on this site to learn about its games, bonuses, restricted countries and reputation before you join any of its tournaments.

Live Bingo

Apart from slots, bingo is also available as a multiplayer game. On a good bingo site, players compete in real time with minimal betting starting at €0.10. There are up to 20 bingo games available for multiplayer gaming. Real presenters make announcements and calls. And since the game works like most table games, you can view them. You can also see fellow competitors, which makes live bingo even more exciting.

Why Some Casinos Lack Multiplayer Games


  • Games are Supplied by Third-Party Companies


Almost all games on modern online casinos are supplied by independent developers. It costs money to lease these games, meaning not all gambling sites can afford them. An average gaming license costs up to $450,000.

Mr. Green and other top tier gambling sites can afford the licenses, hence their ability to provide live games. However, they don’t have all kinds of live games because they don’t make them. Game providers like NetEnt and Microgaming are responsible for these games. Even live dealers are also supplied by independent providers.


  • Maintenance


Besides affording licenses, online casinos, are required to maintain gaming software 24/7. Sure, they work alongside providers to resolve technical issues. But to ensure live games are operated smoothly round the clock, they must have knowledgeable engineers and designers at all times.

Fortunately, there are lots of casinos with live multiplayer games. If you would like to challenge a friend online or go head to head with strangers, it’s not difficult to find live games for you to play. Make sure you read the terms of each game you play. When playing with bonuses, in particular, winning could come at the cost of wagering more money.


  • RNG Games are Popular


One of the main reasons people love online casinos is because they are private and convenient. There are no dress codes or noisy crowds. There’s nothing like walking with bags of cash or worrying about not knowing the time of the day.

The current online RNG games are also entertaining. While some people cherish the social aspect of multiplayer games, most players appreciate the thrills of regular video slots. They also care more about how much they’re winning rather than being able to play with others.

Another advantage of the current RNG games is that they allow people to gamble at their pace. With most casino multiplayer games, dealers make the calls and will attempt to hurry gamers that take time before making decisions.

To Conclude

Multiplayer games are entertaining. They have also become highly popular with video gamers. In fact, the top five most popular video games today all support online multiplayer-gaming. Some casinos have been exploring the possibilities of multiplayer games on their platforms.

Some, including Mr. Green, allows gamers to compete with fellow gamblers through live dealers. You could also play slots tournaments with friends and strangers alike. However, most casinos are far from supporting the kind of multiplayer games you find on video gamers. Split-screens or 3D games like the Four Kings casino and slots are simply not present on most real-money gambling platforms.