Winter Brawl 12 Showcases Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Bright Future in Competitive Play

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It’s been a month since Dragon Ball FighterZ has been released, and the pro scene for the Fighting Game Community has been hard at work at the “lab” trying to perfect their craft for one of the biggest fighters set to be released this year. Now, they can show off what they’ve learned so far in the first major tournament of the year for Dragon Ball FighterZ, Winter Brawl 12 that concluded last weekend.

While the top eight of the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament was full of intense action, no other set in the tournament showed off the capability of said game quite like the grand final. It was filled with high-level play, big combos and even bigger comebacks; the finals between ChrisG and SonicFox showcased that this game is definitely here to stay.

Not only as a replacement to Capcom’s Marvel vs games, but as well as a game with longevity that will steal the spotlight from games such as Mortal Kombat/Injustice, Street FighterGuilty Gear and many more.

With that said, you can check out the intense grand final set from Winter Brawl below:

For more Dragon Ball FighterZ news, feel free to check out our coverage of the latest patch that went live.

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