World War Z Difficulty Spike on Consoles Not Intended, Caused by Crossplay Integration

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Those playing World War Z on consoles, you might have noticed a sudden World War Z difficulty spike when playing the game. Well, as it turns out, you’re not imaginging things, and the game is a bit harder on consoles as confirmed by developer Saber Interactive.

Over on Twitter, Saber Interactive confirmed this and mentioned that this was caused by integrating crossplay, which is set to come in the next few weeks.

Hello Survivors! If you’ve noticed a sudden difficulty spike on consoles, don’t worry! This was an unforeseen consequence of preparing the platforms for Crossplay. We will restore the correct balancing shortly. Crossplay is only a few weeks away now!

No exact date on when crossplay will be enabled, but we’re guessing it’ll be a while since they did say “weeks.”

In other World War Z news, don’t forget to check out the new patch released last week that includes a new set of character skins.