World War Z Marseille DLC Out Tomorrow, Check Out Details and Gameplay Here

World War Z Update 1.34

If you haven’t bought Saber Interactive’s sleeper hit World War Z, the Game of the Year edition is out tomorrow, which includes all the existing content released so far. Now, if you have, you’re no doubt looking forward to the World War Z Marseille DLC.

Lead Game Designer Dmitry Grigorenko has opened up about the new maps. According to Saber, Marseille is the “most diverse location” the studio has created so far, and how each level has a different theme.

Each level has a different theme. For instance, one level is entirely dedicated to the defense of Fort Saint-Nicolas. In most of our levels, players are pushing forward through swarms, defeating or escaping each wave. However, in this level the players are pushed back to the inner walls of the fort by a zombie megaswarm — it’s all about holding your ground.

Saber talks about one episode where players must use a massive missle launcher to blow up the map to block the approach of a zombie swarm.

If you want to check out gameplay, watch three minutes of it below.

If you already have the game, you can buy the World War Z Marseille DLC separately tomorrow. Also, in private lobbies, only the host needs to have the Marseille DLC in order for the entire party to experience it which is a nice touch.

Once the update is out tomorrow, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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