World War Z Roadmap Revealed. Here’s the Free Stuff Coming From May to July 2019

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While we already know that Saber Interactive is releasing a new story mission and a new kind of zombie for World War Z, the free stuff and new content isn’t stopping there. Today, Saber Interactive has released the World War Z roadmap, and it lists down what we can expect from May to July 2019!

world war z roadmap

  • In May, a brand-new mission set in Tokyo will drop alongside a terrifying zombie type that spits a deadly virus and can resurrect if not properly dispatched.
  • June will bring a new six-skull difficulty setting with a unique reward, as well as bonus cosmetics and more.
  • In July, survivors will discover the new Weekly Challenge mode, plus additional cosmetics and other goodies.

In addition to the items listed above, Saber has also mentioned that other major updates being worked on (for free) include a wave-based survival mode, private lobbies, the ability to switch classes during PvPvZ matches, a FOV (field of view) and level of detail sliders on PC, and more! Not bad for a game that’s only $40, no?

Source: Focus Home 

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