World War Z Update 1.38 Shoots Out This August 31

World War Z Update 1.45

Saber Interactive has released World War Z update 1.38, which is an unannounced title update, and doesn’t bring in any new content. However, there are bug fixes, and AI adjustments in it. Read on for the official World War Z August 31 patch notes.

World War Z Update 1.38 Patch Notes | World War Z August 31 Patch Notes:


  • Fixed a bug when zombies are blinking at medium distances
  • Fixed a bug when the character select appears in T-pose on the collection screen
  • Fixed a bug when the pause menu overlaps cinematics
  • Bots can now carry med kits and hand them over to players via commands
  • Bots are able to heal themselves when they have low health and are out of the fight
  • Bots will now have more opportunities to survive in order to help the incapacitated players

That’s about it. You can read our review of the Aftermath expansion here, where we state, “If you’re looking to shoot some zombies in the face with your friends without thinking too much about it though, Aftermath should be right up your alley.”

Source: Saber support

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