WWE 2K18 Trophies Revealed, Has Couple for KFC and Snickers

Have you ever wanted some fast food or ads in your games? No? Like it or not, it’s coming in hot, and coming in fast! The WWE 2K18 Trophies/Achievements list is here, and there’s a few ones connected to both KFC (yes, the fast food chicken chain) and Snickers (yes, the candy bar). 

You read that right! Two WWE 2K18 Trophies have actual ads in them. There’s the “Made the Hard Way” for KFC that the player can earn by performing three major reversals in a single match, and the “Hunger to Win > Hunger for Snickers, that can be obtained by playing and winning 50 matches. You can check out the complete list below.

Source: Exophase
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