Xbox and Discord Announce Voice Chat Support on Xbox Consoles

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Discord on Xbox and PlayStation consoles has been in demand for as long as Discord existed. Now Xbox Insiders will have the opportunity to try out the new feature first-hand and the feature should soon be available for all Xbox console owners.

The new feature will allow Xbox players to connect to Discord voice chats from their consoles. This will allow players to connect with their friends on different platforms without wondering if every individual game that you will be playing is supporting this feature.

To try out this feature, players will open the guide on their consoles by pressing the Xbox button. Go to the Parties & chats section, and click “Try Discord Voice on Xbox.”

After that scan the QR code that will appear on the screen, from there you will have to link both the Discord Xbox applications on your phone in order to set up a two-way link between the two accounts. Even if you have previously connected both accounts, you will have to do that again.

Once these steps are done, whenever you join an audio channel on your Discord mobile application, you will see a new “Join on Xbox” option. Once you choose that option, the call will be transferred to the console of your choosing.

The tl;dr version:

Using Discord Voice chat on Xbox will be easy – to get started, users should: 

  • Connect their Xbox account to their Discord account to grant Voice Access to their console
  • Install the Xbox mobile app to transfer voice activity from Discord to their Xbox console
  • Go into a Voice channel on Discord. From the Discord mobile app, select the option to Transfer to Xbox.
  • Confirm in the Xbox mobile app (it will open automatically and prompt users)

It is worth noting that so far Discord does not have a dedicated application on Xbox consoles. All calls are simply transferred from your Discord account to your Xbox console.

The feature is now only available for Xbox Insiders who have the latest test build installed on their console. The feature should also be available for all Xbox Console owners in the future.

Source: Xbox

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