Xbox Live Down and Having Issues for Third Straight Day This May 8, Microsoft Investigating Again

Xbox Live servers Down

Welp! It seems Xbox Live is having issues once again, and this time it’s for gamers in EU (for now, at least). Xbox Live down reports have surfaced once again, and thankfully, Microsoft is aware of what’s happening.

Xbox Live Down Status and Updates This May 8:

Here’s Microsoft’s latest announcement and acknowledgement about it via the official Xbox Support account:

Again, Microsoft has mentioned that this is happening to EU gamers only, but we wouldn’t be surprised if US and other countries/regions are affected as well, given the weekend’s Xbox Live issues we’ve been seeing. Hopefully, Microsoft sorts it out soon. Aside from Xbox Live, Call of Duty Warzone servers are experiencing outages as well (even on non-Xbox platforms), and we’re not sure if the two are connected.

Same as before, make sure to check back regularly on this post, as we’ll be updating it throughout the day with the official announcements and server status updates from Microsoft.

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