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Xbox Live Down for the Second Time in 4 Weeks (Update) News 0

News 0 Update:  Yep, it’s back up now! Here’s what the Xbox Support account had to say: Things are looking better with sign in now, so feel free to try again! Thanks to everyone that reported this to us. As always, we're here & listening. — Xbox Support (@XboxSupport) August 30, 2019 Original Story: Just a […]

Xbox Live Down for People Worldwide (Update) News 3

News 3 Update (12:40 a.m. ET): According to Xbox Support, there have been improvements, but things are still being worked on: Update incoming – We've heard from our investigative teams that there has been improvement, however things are still being worked on. As always, we'll be sure to give another update once we know more. — […]

Xbox Live Down for Most People, Microsoft “Aware” of the Issue News 0

News 0 If you’re trying to log into Xbox Live now but can’t, don’t fret! It’s not just you! It seems Xbox Live down time is being experienced by everyone. Over on Reddit, people have aired their grievances on not being able to open their digital games, to which the official Xbox Support account answered that they […]

Xbox Live Down Worldwide, Online Gaming and Sign-In Affected (Update) News 0

News 0 Update: Xbox Live services are back up again! Carry, gamers! Original Story: If you’re trying to log on to Xbox Live right now but can’t, it’s not you, but rather, Xbox Live down time is happening! And you thought it was only Sony that had this problem, no? According to the official Xbox Live status […]

XBL Down – Xbox Live Down, Microsoft Investigating (Update) News 3

News 3 Update:  Xbox services should now be back up and running.  Xbox Live should be working normally now! If there are any further questions, ask away. We’re here for 2 more hours. — Xbox Support (@XboxSupport) 23 August 2017 Original Story: If you can’t log on to Xbox Live with your Xbox One, don’t worry, you’re […]