Xbox Live Down for Second Day in a Row This May 7, Microsoft Aware of Issues (Update #4)

xbox live down

It seems Xbox Live is running into issues again, as Xbox Live down reports have surfaced once again this May 7, which makes this the seocnd day in a row that Xbox Live is having issues!! This is just less than 24 hours since the network was down for more than half a day yesterday, which affected online gaming, cloud gaming and more!

Update (May 8, 3:28 p.m. ET): Microsoft has announced that there are Xbox Live issues happening once again, but this time, it’s EU that’s affected (for now). You can keep tabs on the server status updates for May 8 right here.

Xbox Live Down Status and Updates for May 7:

Update #3: Microsoft has announced that everything is working as intended!

Update #2 (May 7, 11:27 PM ET): Issues are still ongoing, though Microsoft has stated that some users may notice some improvements with a reboot as a recommendation, otherwise they are still working on a full restoration.

Update: Microsoft states that they are still working on the issues, and players should see improvements with launching games by rebooting their Xbox consoles.

What’s weird here is, Xbox Live went down this May 7, and was fixed after an hour or two, but now (at 4 p.m. ET), the Xbox Live servers are down again!

As for the official Xbox Status page, it currently shows that “Store & subscriptions”, “Cloud gaming & remote play”, “Games and gaming” are having issues and are tagged as being “limited.”

Earlier today (at 12 p.m. or around 1 p.m. ET), Xbox Live servers went down, and it started with entertainment apps like Netflix, Hulu and the like:

Xbox Live Status: Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video apps currently down. from XboxSeriesX

Microsoft confirmed that entertainment apps seem to be sorted based on Microsoft’s tweet, online gaming and cloud gaming still having issues, though it eventually got sorted, here are the series of tweets:

We’re keeping an eye out on this one, and will update the post if anything new arises. So, hit that refresh (F5) button from time to time. It is weird that the Xbox Live outage keeps on returning. Stay tuned to this page for constant updates throughout the day. If you can login and play on Xbox Live normally, leave a comment below and let us know where you’re from.

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Justin Compton
1 year ago

I have been unable to play anything for over 24 hours. I’m starting a new movement. NO ONE PAY THE MONTH OF MAY! Who’s is with me!!??!!??

Reply to  Justin Compton
1 year ago

Hell yeah man

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