Xbox Live Down for Launching Games & More, Microsoft Investigating (Update #8)

xbox live down

Those looking for some weekend gaming on their Xbox platforms, you’ll sadly be greeted with an Xbox Live down message if you try and launch games, and initiate remote play/cloud gaming! This problem has persisted from May 6 (yesterday) and is still ocurring now (May 7).

Update (May 8, 3:28 p.m. ET): Microsoft has announced that there are Xbox Live issues happening once again, but this time, it’s EU that’s affected (for now). You can keep tabs on the server status updates for May 8 right here.

Xbox Live Down Status for May 6 – May 7:

Update #7 (May 8, 6:10 AM ET): Microsoft has announced that everything is working as intended!

Update #5 (May 7, 11:27 PM ET): Microsoft has issued a new statement saying that they are still working on a full resolution, though some users may notice improvements. They recommend a reboot to see if this helps resolve the on going issues.

Update #5 (May 7, 5:39 PM ET): Microsoft states that they are still working on the issues, and players should see improvements with launching games by rebooting their Xbox consoles.

Update #4 (May 7, 4:11 PM ET): Xbox Live is having issues again! Here’s the latest announcement from Microsoft:

Update #3 (May 7, 1:00 PM ET): Xbox Live went down again, but Microsoft announced that they have remedied the situation:


Update #2: Microsoft has sorted everything out, and gamers should be able to play normally.

Update #1:
Microsoft said that they are seeing improvements in launching games, though more work is being done.

Multiple users have reported on the issue as far back as eight hours ago, with Microsoft acknowledging the problem. With some of the main problems players are seeing appearing as:

The person who bought this game needs to sign in

Failed to start cloud gaming session”

…and more. The Xbox subreddit has the following thread still active:

Are the servers down? My xbox won’t start apps. from xbox

Checking the Xbox Status page, it mentions as Cloud Gaming & remote play, and Games & gaming as still having “major outages:”

The latest update from the official Xbox Support Twitter account has mentioned that players are still experiencing issues lainching games and for Cloud Gaming sessions, and they are still investigating:

We’re keeping a close eye on this one, and will update the post if there’s something new to share, so hit that F5 (refresh) button from time to time. If you can connect and use Xbox Live normally, leave a comment below and let us know where you’re located.


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