Xbox Live Down for People Worldwide (Update)

xbox live down

Update (12:40 a.m. ET):

According to Xbox Support, there have been improvements, but things are still being worked on:

The Xbox Live status page still says “Limited” for some of the services, though some have been able to log in and play games. We’ll post another update once we know more.

Original Story:

It seems it’s not only The Division 2 having problems online right now, as multiple Xbox users worldwide have reported on an Xbox Live down issue, and it’s affecting gamers worldwide with error code 0x97e107df showing for some.

Over on the Xbox Live status page, it mentions how “some services/games are having issues,” which affects Purchase and Content Usage, TV, Music and Video. Apps are confirmed to be affected as well.

The official Xbox Support Twitter has also acknowledged the issue.

We’ve seen your reports about issues accesing your previously purchased games, movies & TV. We have teams working on it now. We’ll update you as soon as we can with more details.

Once we get an update that everything’s working again, we’ll update the post. In the meantime, go check out this week’s Deals With Gold to see if you’d be interested in purchasing new discounted games.

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  1. This shit system is down and you still just tryna promote more shit? Fix the network before putting more shit in front of it… smh bunch of money hungry cunts mate

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