Xbox Live Down, Core Services Having Issues Worldwide

xbox live down

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, the next-generation of gaming is here, as the Xbox Series X|S are now available (or at least officially out even if you can’t buy it due to stock shortages). Unfortunately, the new console’s launch has been marred, as Xbox Live down reports are flooding in and have been throughout the day!

While the Xbox Live server outages have been happening the entire day, it apparently got fixed a few hours ago before going down yet again just now. The official Xbox Support page acknowledged this and have mentioned that they will be providing updates via the official Xbox Live statuts page.

The official status page lists that signing into Xbox Live is having issues now, which means players won’t be able to download games, play online, etc.

Sadly, this is also causing Xbox Series X|S owners grief in setting up their consoles and playing the game, as most Xbox Series X titles require an online activation to function.

While you’re waiting for Xbox Live to be brought back up, check out how the Xbox Series X’s boot times are in various states. We also posted a review round up of the Xbox Series X here, for those on the fence on whether they want to buy one now or wait.

Once Microsoft provides an update on Xbox Live, we’ll update the post.

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