Xbox Series X Boot Time From Cold Start, Standby, and Reboot Tested

Xbox Series X Boot Time

Equipped with a fast custom NVME SSD, here’s a demonstration of just how quick the Xbox Series X boot time is from a cold start, standby mode, and from a reboot!

Our good friends over at GamersPrey have been testing out the Xbox Series X the last couple of weeks, and as a teaser of things to come from their speed test, here’s how the console compares to the Xbox One X in terms of boot speed. A video of this is available down below for those wanting to see it in action.

Xbox Series X Boot Time Results:

Cold Boot

  • Xbox Series X: 25 Seconds
  • Xbox One X: 1 Minute and 22 Seconds

Waking up from Sleep

  • Xbox Series X: 13 Seconds
  • Xbox One X: 17 Seconds


  • Xbox Series X: 44 Seconds
  • Xbox One X: 1 Minute and 47 Seconds

Overall, the results are impressive with the Xbox Series X booting a minute faster in both reset and cold boot than the One X, and a few seconds from standby.

As mentioned, expect to see plenty of more test videos in the coming days and weeks. If you want to stay ahead and be up-to-date, be sure to follow theĀ  GamersPrey YouTube Channel, otherwise stay tuned!

If you’re thinking of getting the Xbox Series X at launch, go checkout our reviews round up of the console right here!


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