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Report: Xbox Lockhart/Xbox Series S Teraflops and RAM Specs leak News 0

News 0 While Microsoft has yet to announce whether or not the Xbox Series X would see an additional, less powerful, cheaper model, it would appear that some leaked documents have surfaced, detailing the Xbox Series S teraflops and RAM count. Related Reading: Microsoft Executive Says Xbox Series X Devs Will Learn to Address PS5 SSD Loading […]

Xbox Smart Delivery Explained, Will Be Available for Xbox Game Pass News 8

News 8 Aside from introducing better tech under the hood, Microsoft’s next-gen console the Xbox Series X will also offer other innovative features such as Xbox Smart Delivery. What is it exactly? According to Microsoft, Smart Delivery works in the sense that if you buy the Xbox One version of a supported title on Xbox Series X, […]

Microsoft Executive Says Xbox Series X Devs Will Learn to Address PS5 SSD Loading Screen Advantage News 92

News 92 While the Xbox Series X is an amazing piece of tech and is technically better than the PS5, it seems Sony’s next-gen console has one big advantage over Microsoft’s upcoming console, and that’s the SSD (Solid State Drive). Bill Stillwell, Program Manager at Microsoft who is currently on the Hololens project (was working on Xbox […]

Inside Xbox 20/20 – Xbox Series X Gameplay Debut News 2

News 2 In case you didn’t know, Microsoft is set to blow the lid wide open on some sweet Xbox Series X 2020 titles and beyond! Starting today, and continuning every month, Microsoft is launching the “Xbox 20/20” digital event that will give us our first look at Xbox Series X gameplay and more. The event starts […]

AMD Prepares for Next-Gen Consoles as It Ramps up Production News 0

News 0 In spite of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,  AMD, the makers behind the chipset going into the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, have confirmed today that they will be increasing production to try and meet the heavy Holiday release demands. This news comes from their recent earning reporting (transcripted provided by Yahoo) where the company reported […]

First Look at Xbox Series X Games Coming May 7 News 0

News 0 In one week’s time, we will be feasting our eyes on some Xbox Series X games as Microsoft confirmed today they will be hosting a third-party showcase event. Announced right after the Assassin’s Creed Vallhalla reveal, Microsoft has revealed a new Inside Xbox stream that will be happening on May 7th. You want to see […]

Xbox Series X Logo Surfaces via Patent Filing News 0

News 0 While we already know a fair amount of details regarding the Xbox Series X, it seems Microsoft is pushing out a new logo for the upcoming next-gen console. Spotted via a patent filed by Microsoft is the new Xbox Series X logo. Check it out below. Official description of the filing can be seen below […]

Report: Xbox Series X Source Code Stolen and Held for Ransom News 0

News 0 Earlier this week, a report came out claiming that the Xbox Series X source code had been stolen, and the individual is asking for a hefty $100 million in exchange for its return. Website Torrentfreak noted that the individual stole Navi 10, Navi 21 and Arden devices, which is rumored to be the GPU of […]

The Importance of SSD Rendering Explained by Former Naughty Dog Technical Director News 0

News 0 The next-generation of consoles are set to bring some major changes, though it’s their SSDs that have caught the eye of former Naughty Dog employee, Andrew Maximov as he highlights why he’s excited for them. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Sony has officially revealed the PlayStation 5 specs. While they appear to […]

PS5 vs Xbox Series X Specs Showdown News 0

News 0 With Microsoft unveiling the official Xbox Series X specs the other day, and Sony revealing the official PS5 specs today, some might be wondering: how do the two next-gen consoles stand side-by-side? Well, here’s a quick PS5 vs Xbox Series X specs comparison list! PS5 vs Xbox Series X specs comparison: As you can see, […]

Report: Xbox Series X Release Date Set, Coming in Thanksgiving 2020 News 0

News 0 While we already know that the Xbox Series X release date falls sometime in “Holiday 2020,” it seems Microsoft has jumped the gun a bit and announced the release date prematurely. The international Xbox Series X website (via GamesRadar) mentions that the Xbox Series X release date is set for November 26, 2020 – which […]

Xbox Series X Expandable Storage Requires Proprietary Cards for Series X Games News 0

News 0 While Microsoft unveiled a bunch of cool new Xbox Series X features yesterday, there’s something that also came to light recently that probably won’t make a lot of gamers happy. It looks like the Xbox Series X expandable storage won’t work with anything off the rack, as Microsoft requires it uses their prorietary cards. Given […]

Xbox Series X Controller Features a New D-Pad, Textured Grip News 1

News 1 Earlier today, we posted the official Xbox Series X specs. While that in itself is impressive, some might be wondering what (if any) big changes are coming to the Xbox Series X controller. The short answer here is: not a lot — at least from what was revealed today. Must-Read: Watch the Xbox Series X […]

Watch the Xbox Series X Load Times and Quick Resume Features Shown Off News 0

News 0 Just last month, Microsoft revealed that the Xbox Series X revealed would allow quick resume on multiple games. As part of the Xbox Series X specs reveal today, Microsoft also showcased the Xbox Series X load times as well as the quick resume feature! Watch a side by side loading time comparison for State of […]

Xbox Series X Official Specs Revealed News 0

News 0 While we’ve already reported on the Xbox Series X specs (specifications) before, it was mostly about raw power and what it can do from a gaming standpoint. Today, Microsoft has revealed the Xbox Series X official specs, and it’s one beastly console! Targeting to release games at “true” 4K gaming and 8K ready, games can […]

Xbox E3 2020 Digital Presentation Announced News 1

News 1 Following today’s announcement that E3 2020 is officially cancelled, it seems Microsoft is taking a step to make sure gamers are still getting their dose of Xbox Series X reveals this June, as the Xbox E3 2020 digital presentation has been announced. Over on Twitter, Xbox boss Phil Spencer mentioned that they will celebrate the […]

Xbox Series X Quick Resume Feature Works Even After Full Reboot News 0

News 0 Just the other day, Microsoft revealed a host of features for the upcoming next-gen console, the Xbox Series X. One of these said features, is the Xbox One Series X quick resume, which works on multiple games this time around. This little tidbit was confirmed by Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, in the latest Major Nelson […]

Square Enix New Games Will Most Likely Be Cross-Gen According to Publisher News 0

News 0 With next-gen consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X) set to release later this year, some might be wondering how will publishers adapat given this gen is still going strong, though at the same time, next-gen can’t be ignored. For publisher Square Enix, it seems that for the foreseeable future, it’s to offer games as cross-gen. In […]

New Xbox Series X Specs and Info Revealed News 1

News 1 With just a few short months away before we welcome the next-generation of gaming for the next few years, Microsoft has slowly peeled away the mystery of its next-gen powerhouse, the Xbox Series X. Today, Microsoft has revealed a slew of new Xbox Series X specs and new features. According to Microsoft. the next-generation of […]

Rainbow Six Siege PS5 and Xbox Series X Confirmed, Crossplay and Cross-Gen Planned News 0

News 0 With Rainbow Six Siege already in its fifth year since it launched, it seems Ubisoft has no intention of letting the game die anytime soon, even if we’re on the cusp of the next-generation of gaming with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Those wondering, Ubisoft has just confirmed a Rainbow Six Siege PS5 […]

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