MP1st’s Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2022

With 2021 in the rearview, it’s time to look ahead towards 2022! Here are the MP1st staff’s top 10 most anticipated games of 2022 and what some of us had to say about each game.

MP1st Staff Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2022:

10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

“Sure, this hasn’t been announced yet but there are few things more reliable than the fact that a new Call of Duty will be released every year. And with it being Infinity Ward’s turn at bat, their next game being a sequel to the phenomenal Modern Warfare reboot (which was a critical and commercial success) is a foregone conclusion.” – Sean

“The godfathers of Call of Duty are back next year. Modern Warfare 2019 was a hit with the casual fanbase but dedicated COD fans had plenty to say about it. Will IW take that feedback to heart?” – AJ

9. Evil West

“I love Westerns. I always have. In fact I love the Romanticized West in all forms of art, painting and music included. Part of it is growing up in both Colorado and Arizona I think. I also love Beat ‘Em Ups and Doom. Basically, Evil West is a cross section of things I love that I didn’t expect to ever get crossed. And I’m all here for it.” – Tim

8. A Plague Tale: Requiem

“A Plague Tale Innocence was a story of a smaller studio punching way above their weight class, and creating a deep, rich storyline with AAA level graphics in the process. What can they pull off now that they have the full weight of Microsoft behind them?” – AJ

“I was able to see a behind closed door demo of  A Plague Tale: Innocence at E3 2017 and I knew then it was going to be something special. When I played it my feelings were vindicated and it turned out to be one of my favorite games of 2019. The sequel looks even better and it being current-gen only makes me even more excited for it.” – Sean

7. Sonic Frontiers

“Sonic Adventure is regarded as one of my favorite Sonic games, one that I still feel hasn’t been beaten by any new 3D sonic games to date. So there is a lot of expectation on Sonic Frontier being an open world and all, but perhaps the studio will finally be able to pull off the greatness the series so rightfully deserves again.” – James

“Open World Sonic is a dream I’ve had since I was a small child. The world of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe is so interesting to me and the idea of having a large open area to dash around is exciting. Assuming they pull it off this has the potential to be the best Sonic ever. (Now if only we can get another Sonic Riders).” – Tim

6. Starfield

“It’s been more than half a decade since a proper Bethesda game and a full decade since the last proper Bethesda RPG. (Fallout 4 was an open world shooter and a building game. I don’t care what they try to tell us.) So I’m very excited for this either way. The fact that it’s set in space and all the other cool stuff we know about is secondary to me even if it would normally be front and center.” – Tim

“Bethesda’s first major title since the Microsoft acquisition. After the disastrous launch of Fallout 76, Bethesda have something to prove and a new IP is the perfect opportunity to show they are still a titan in the industry.” – AJ

“We know next to nothing about this game other than it being described by many as Fallout/Skyrim in space. Well that’s enough for me to be excited.” – James

5. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

“I am going strictly by faith here, but surely, Rocksteady has something special considering they have had what? Five or so years of silence and just working on this one game?” – Alex

“For a time, Rocksteady was my favorite developer. The Batman Arkham Trilogy are likely all three in my top 10 games of all time. After almost a decade without a new product from them, and reports of at least two mystery games that got canceled before they were revealed, I am so ready to see what they have been working on. So far I’m lukewarm on what they’ve shown, but I trust them enough to withhold judgment.” – Tim

“I was on the fence about this one, mostly because of Marvel’s Avengers not sitting too well with me and many others. However, after the recent gameplay reveal I would be lying in saying this isn’t a game I’m looking forward to.” – AJ

4. Saints Row

“The real ones know that Saints Row 2 is the actual best game in the Saints Row series and knowing that Volition is going back to the first two games as the model for their reboot is all that I need to be excited about it.” – Sean

“I am cautious about anything that gets a reboot nowadays, and while some of the promotional material for the Saints Row Reboot hasn’t at all sit well with fans, I am interested in seeing the series go back to its original roots.” – James

“The Saints Row series, especially Saints Row The Third, were games that fascinated me for years but I was not able to actually get around to until two years ago. When I finally did I fell in love. Saints Row The Third is one of my favorite open world games of all time. Rebooting the series is an understandable move and I’m excited to see what this new iteration looks like.” – Tim

3. Horizon Forbidden West

“It’s rare to see a game studio move away from the genre they’ve built their livelihood on, yet that’s exactly what Guerrilla Games did when they released Horizon Zero Dawn. It was a shock then, one that truly paid off as it is easily one of the best titles of the PS4 generation. While the sequel is cross-gen, I have no doubts that the studio will be aiming to deliver an experience like no other.” – James

“Who would want miss this? Forbidden West looks to be the next-gen experience we’re looking for. If you played the first one, you’ll want to know what improvements were made, where the story was headed, and just what the fuck are these robot dinos.” – Alex

“Guerrilla Games have always pushed the industry forward. Horizon Forbidden West promises to be bigger and better than 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn. While my excitement has been somewhat dampened by the fact that the game will be cross-gen, I am no less eager to see what Forbidden West has in store.” – AJ

“The sequel to my favorite game of 2017 would be number one in any other year but with FromSoftware releasing a new game and Horizon: Forbidden West being cross-gen, I’m just not as hyped for it as I feel like I should be.” – Sean

2. God of War: Ragnarok

“After the ending in the 2018 reboot, who wouldn’t be intrigued to see where Sony Santa Monica is taking Kratos next? And with the studio confirming that the saga will end with Ragnarok, I am very intrigued to see where it ends, and who dies.” – Alex

“God of War 2018 is amongst my favorite in the entire franchise and its sequel is looking to deliver on even a bigger scope.” – James

“The sequel to 2018’s Game of the Year.” – AJ

“Much like Horizon: Forbidden West, this follow up to my favorite game of 2018 would be higher on my list if it was current-gen only. Coupled with the fact that Cory Barlog isn’t the director and I’m far less hyped than I am ‘I’ll play it when it comes out.’” – Sean

1. Elden Ring

“FromSoftware is my favorite developer and it’s a new FromSoftware game. Easy choice for number one. That said, I was fortunate enough to play the Network Test for 11 hours and when I was done all I wanted to do was play more Elden Ring. I should also note that this is the only exception to my “I’m not as hyped for cross-gen games” rule.” – Sean

“If the technical test was anything to go by, Elden Rings is looking to be one of From Software’s greatest and most ambitious titles yet.” – James

“As a huge From Software fan, Elden Ring looks to be their most ambitious title yet.”- AJ

“While I am not the biggest From Software fan, I still appreciate the studio’s work. And with Elden Ring being a bit more accessible, that could be just the thing that motivates me to finish a From game.” – Alex

Elden Ring Datamine

So there you have our most anticipated games of 2022. Did yours make the list? Leave a comment below to let us know what are your most anticipated games of the year!

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