Report: Xbox Series X Refresh Leaked; Mentions 2TB, Controller With Haptics and Set for Oct. 2024 Launch

Xbox Series X Refresh

With Microsoft’s on-going acquisition of Activision-Blizzard still on-going, it looks like a bunch of court documents have made its way online courtesy of its case against the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), with someone forgetting to redact some sensitive info! Chief among the leaks? An Xbox Series X refresh that’s slated to launch in October 2024!

While it won’t feature any graphical upgrades, the Xbox Series X refresh is said to be digital-only, and will rock a 2TB storage drive. It will also be bundled with a new Xbox controller that includes haptic feedback and gyro sensors.

Check out the leaked images from the court documents below.:

Note that none of these have been confirmed officially, so things could change regarding the specs, release window and whatnot. But, chances are, this is what we should look forward to for Xbox next year unless Microsoft just officially announces it given the massive leak.

Funnily enough, the leak comes just a month after Microsoft said that there were no plans for a Series X|S refresh, though with the leak not mentioning a beefed up hardware, they are technically right.

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Source: US Court via ResetEra

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