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Federal Trade Commission to Start Looking at the Games Industry “Properly” News 0

News 0 In the wake of recent events and loot boxes, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has stated that they will be investigating the gaming industry as an opportunity to improve things. During their live broadcasting of Inside the Game, the FTC touched upon the issues plaguing the gaming community with the uprising of loot boxes. In […]

Publishers Will Soon Have to Disclose Odds for Loot Boxes Due to Agreement Between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo” News 3

News 3 Not a fan of loot boxes in games? Or hate how earning things in them seem so random? That’s about to change soon. The big three hardware makers — Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo — have agreed to require publisher to disclose the loot box odds of winning items in their games. During an Inside the […]

FTC Head Promises to Look Into Video Game Loot Boxes News 1

News 1 Like it or not, loot boxes are now almost synonymous with online video games. While some might like the random, slot  machine-y feel of these “rewards,” not everyone feels the same. If you’re siding on the latter, then you’ll be very happy to know that the Federal Trade Commission is jumping in on the topic […]

YouTubers Involved in CS: GO Lotto Controversy Escape Fines, FTC Orders Disclosures From “Influencers” News 0

News 0 In case you didn’t know, a big controversy happened last year with big-name YouTubers Trevor “TmarTn” Martin and Thomas “Syndicate” Cassell where the two were revealed to be co-owners of an online gambling site for CS: GO skins, which the YouTubers promoted without telling anyone. Needless to say, a bunch of stuff were mentioned, YouTube […]