Report: Oblivion Remaster, Dishonored 3, DOOM Year Zero and More Bethesda Games Leaked via Release Schedule

Oblivion Remaster

As part of the leaked Microsoft vs. FTC documents that someone apparently forgot to redact, it seems the existence of a bunch of Bethesda games have surfaced! From what was listed, an Oblivion Remaster, a titled called “DOOM Year Zero” and more are apparently in the works.

Bethesda Games Leak via FTC Court Documents:


  • Indian Jones Game
  • Oblivion Remaster
  • Elder Scrolls Online Expansion
  • Starfield DLC


  • DOOM Year Zero & DLC
  • Project Kestrel
  • Elder Scrolls Online Expansion
  • Project Platinum


  • The Elder Scrolls VIO
  • Project Kestrel Expansion
  • Licensed IP Game
  • Fallout 3 Remaster
  • Elder Scrolls Online Expansion
  • Ghostwire Tokyo Sequel
  • Dishonored 3
  • DOOM Year Zero DLC


Important to note that none of these have been confirmed, and things could change regarding the release window, title and other details. However, given the leak, this does seem very plausible and if so, we might have just gotten an info dump of all the things Bethesda is working on right now.

Few key things to note here is: The Elder Scrolls Online seems to have a ton of content incoming, DIshonored 3 is in the cards at Arkane Studios (which should make a lot of people happy especially after Redfall), we’re getting a new DOOM game, and there’s a lot of unannounced projects with just codenames brewing.

Source: US Courts via ResetEra

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15 days ago

That would be nice if we got an Oblivion remake. As much as i enjoyed Skyrim im not sure how many times they can release the same game.

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