Xbox Series X Console Wraps Announced; Includes Starfield and Camp Designs

Xbox Series X Console Wraps Starfield

Microsoft has officially announced the Xbox Series X console wraps, which will be launching later this year. Microsoft has unveiled three different console wraps, including one for Starfield.

The Xbox Series X console skins are designed specifically for the Series X, featuring a custom, precision fit. Microsoft claims that “every detail was taken into consideration” so that the console’s performance is not hindered. This means that the vents are clear, and small feet were added to the bottom to ensure free air flow.

Xbox’s console weapons are made with solid core panels that are layered with high-tech fabric finishes. You can find the price and release date for the wraps below:

Xbox Series X Starfield Console Wrap:

The Starfield console wrap goes perfectly with the limited edition Starfield controller and headset and gives you that complete feeling by having something close to a limited edition console. The Starfield console wrap is launching across US, Canada, and Europe on October 18 for $50 USD.

Xbox Series X Starfield Console Wrap

Xbox Series X Arctic and Mineral Camo Console Wrap:

Choose between the Mineral Camo blue and purple or the Arctic Camo white and grey color pallet to go perfectly with your controller and gaming setup.

Both the Arctic Camo and Mineral Camo wraps will launch across US and Canada on November 10 for $45.

Xbox Series X Console Wraps

You can pre-order all three of the Xbox Series X wraps right now through the Microsoft Store.

Source: Xbox Wire

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