Xbox One – Digital Midnight Launches Are The Future Microsoft Is “Building Towards”

While Titanfall‘s recent launch is proving to be a successful cure for the FPS itch, it has also left a number of Xbox One owners yearning for improvements with regards to digital game releases.

As you may have experienced, Titanfall’s digital launch schedule resulted in lot of early 3am risers (or night owls) on the East Coast, eager to start their game download as early as possible. Meanwhile, physical sales began right on cue at 12 midnight in the same regions, giving a three hour head start to consumers attending brick and mortar launch events or openings.

The situation isn’t ideal, but luckily, Microsoft sees things the same way.

Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer recently remarked on Twitter that a future of midnight launches on Xbox Live is also the future the company is “building towards”.

Expect to hear more in the coming months.

Chief product officer Marc Whitten says a future Xbox One system update is in the works that focuses on external hard drive storage, notification improvements, and more.

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