Gamescom 2017 – You Can Now Pre-Order Xbox One X, “Project Scorpio Edition” Unboxed

Xbox One X

During its gamescom 2017 conference, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One X is now available to pre-order.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to pick up an Xbox One X, here’s a rundown of the console’s key features:

The world’s most powerful console
With 40% more power than any other console, experience immersive true 4K gaming. Games play better on Xbox One X.

Smoother gameplay
The 8-core Custom AMD CPU is clocked at 2.3GHz to bring enhanced AI, real world detail, and smoother interactions to your gaming.

Bigger worlds
12GB GDDR5 of graphic memory add speed and power to game performance to enable bigger worlds, further horizons, and quicker load times.

Life-like detail
A 6 Teraflop GPU enables 4K environments and characters to become more realistic than ever, with more detail and smoother animations.

Faster load times
Game graphics are faster and more detailed with 326 GB/sec memory bandwidth, to keep your gaming momentum flowing.

Check out this unboxing of the Xbox One X “Project Scorpio Edition”: 

Will you be pre-ordering an Xbox One X? Let us know.

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