Xbox Series X Temperature and Overheat Test, Here’s How It Performs

Xbox Series X Temperature

While the Xbox 360 ran into overheating issues that caused the now-infamous RRoD (red ring of death), the Xbox One didn’t suffer from anything similar, thankfully. For those wondering about the Xbox Series X temperature and whether it overheats, well, someone just tested it for us.

YouTuber Austin Evans who has a pre-release Xbox Series X given to him by Microsoft, tested the Xbox Series X in  temp in different ways. Evans uses a thermal camera, and also records the console noise to see if it acts up. As for the actual testing, he starts by booting and playing it normally, putting it on its side, putting it inside a box, and more. Check it out below.

Short answer: The Xbox Series X performs admirably and isn’t anywhere close to overheating which is to be expected, no? Important to note, Evans himself states that the unit he uses to test is a prototype one, and could have differences with the retail unit.

Are you scared of the Xbox Series X and any potential overheating issues? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

The Xbox Series X will launch this November 10.

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