XDefiant Closed Test NDA Is So Strict They Don’t Even Want Anyone Peeking Through Your Windows

XDefiant Closed Test

It’s no secret that vide game closed alphas and betas are usually accompanied by NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) and other confidentiality agreements that are set in place to prevent people participating from leaking info and whatnot that the company doesn’t want to be made public. It seems that for the XDefiant closed test, Ubisoft is a lot stricter than usual, as it even wants to make sure no one can see through your windows!

In the long NDA agreement that was sent to MP1st, one part there particularly stands out, and it’s this one pertaining to windows and curtains:

· If I participate to the Test in a room with a window, I keep the curtains closed;

Talk about being very specific! Another part of it also mentions that testers cannot invite anyone (including family members) to sessions.

· I participate to the Test alone: I will not invite anyone (including family members) to my session;

Of course, that latter one isn’t that surprising since most NDAs don’t want any outsider getting access to the game, as they can film it, write about it or take a screenshot, which would cause headaches for the publisher.

XDefiant is a free-to-play 6v6 shooter with no firm release date just yet, and you can watch gameplay of it right here.

For those who aren’t part of the closed test, Ubisoft has mentioned that more tests will be rolled out throughout the year.

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9 thoughts on “XDefiant Closed Test NDA Is So Strict They Don’t Even Want Anyone Peeking Through Your Windows

  1. i received an invite today with a link to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement.

    1. I got the NDA as well, but they also gave me codes to invite 5 friends, so im not sure why the nda is so strict lol

      1. NDA for bland entertainment means they have something to hide. Pretty sure this game is going to “lawbreakers” itself on launch.

        1. I dont disagree in this instance, but I’ve played plenty of games with nda that turned out fine. just a pretty common practice for private alpha/betas

          1. For some information, yes. When the NDA covers most of the game, it’s odd.

      2. They want people to bring their friends and play together. But every friend will certainly have to sign the same NDA as well.

  2. “We don’t want anyone to see how comically bad our game is”

    Tom Clancy is spinning in his grave.

  3. I don’t even know what that is lol.

    Edit: oh yeah, that doa Ubi trash. Must have blocked it from mind.

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