XM25 Grenade Launcher Not Overpowered and No Headshots to Unlock Camos

Grenade launchers, aka noob tubes, in Modern Warfare 2 almost broke the game, and Infinity Ward is not going to let this happen again. And, even some would argue it broke the game for them.

Perks with a potential for misuse, such as One Man Army, are not coming back in Modern Warfare 3, but after fans saw the XM25 in action (see image above), they feared having to deal with another overpowered grenade launcher in MW3. However, don’t fret, Robert Bowling assures that “It [XM-25] is not very powerful, has to be aimed and programmed and then only explodes at that distance.” Here’s an image of the XM-25 being aimed and programmed.

(You can find MW3 gun lists at the bottom of the article.)

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If you’ve played the previous Modern Warfare games, you remember that you needed to get a certain number of headshots to progressively unlock different camos for your guns. This system in my opinion worked in terms of helping players hone their aiming skills, but it was kind of cumbersome to do that with ever weapon. In the next installment in the Modern Warfare franchise, “No, [MW3 won’t feature them, but instead] camos are unlocked normally by ranking up the weapon”  according to Robert Bowling, MW3’s Creative Strategist.

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12 years ago

people just love to whine, iw made clear multiple times that this will be more like cod4 rather mw2.

In any case, id prefer having all the camos unlocked like black ops.

12 years ago

it’s dumb to even but it in the game.

Reply to  BEAR
12 years ago

I agree. Its just an excuse to try and ‘add’ on to their mediocre rehash.

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