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New Modern Warfare 3 Patch Details – Dual FMGs to be Nerfed and More News 47

News 47 Robert Bowling sheds some light on what’s being fixed and re-balanced in Modern Warfare 3 this week. Infinity Ward’s creative strategist, Robert Bowling, reveals that there is an “update” in the works for Modern Warfare 3. Robert assures that the akimbo FMGs “will be getting some re-balancing in a new update this week.” It’s worth noting that at […]

MW3 – ACR Most Popular Gun, Big Role for Tagging/Spotting, Assassin not like Ghost, and more News 14

News 14 More Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer details have emerged. ACR the new Famas? In a recent NowGamer interview, Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist Robert Bowling, aka FourZeroTwo, revealed that the ACR was the most used gun in the assault category throughout Call of Duty XP in response to the concern of how the Famas was the most dominant gun in […]

XM25 Grenade Launcher Not Overpowered and No Headshots to Unlock Camos News 6

News 6 Grenade launchers, aka noob tubes, in Modern Warfare 2 almost broke the game, and Infinity Ward is not going to let this happen again. And, even some would argue it broke the game for them. Perks with a potential for misuse, such as One Man Army, are not coming back in Modern Warfare 3, but […]