MW3 – ACR Most Popular Gun, Big Role for Tagging/Spotting, Assassin not like Ghost, and more

More Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer details have emerged.

ACR the new Famas?
In a recent NowGamer interview, Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist Robert Bowling, aka FourZeroTwo, revealed that the ACR was the most used gun in the assault category throughout Call of Duty XP in response to the concern of how the Famas was the most dominant gun in Black Ops. It’s worth noting that the ACR, for its lack of recoil, was also one of the most popular guns in Modern Warfare 2.

Click here to view the complete list of primary guns in Modern Warfare 3, and let us know which gun you are going to run first.

Assassin and its Match
When Robert was asked on twitter whether the Assassin perk would be as overpowered as Ghost in Black Ops, he replied “Assassin isn’t this all powerful stealth perk, Recon Drone can still see / tag you and you can be tagged by Recon.” While we now can sigh in relief that Assassin won’t be similar to how Ghost was, Robert’s answer raises more questions: how prominent will “tagging” be? Will it work as it does in the Battlefield series by pressing “back/select”? What we know so far is that tagging through a sniper rifle won’t place Doritos (DICE’s words not mine) over the enemies heads like in Battlefield. However, unlike Battlefield, the “Recon Drone” uses a regular camera instead of a thermal one. Robert Bowling uses tagging as a counter measure to the Assassin perk, then the new game mechanic, tagging, must play a big role in MW3.

Do you think that Assassin will be balanced out by the tagging mechanic?

Online splitscreeners are back
You know how in Black Ops when splitscreeners, for the most part, hindered your team’s performance or were easy kills. Well, Bowling confirms the return of splitscreen multiplayer. All I have to say, please create separate playlist dedicated to splitscreeners.

What do you think of the fact that splitscreening is back?

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14 thoughts on “MW3 – ACR Most Popular Gun, Big Role for Tagging/Spotting, Assassin not like Ghost, and more

  1. Im certain tagging is gonna fuck up mw3 cause the maps aren’t as open and big as battlefield and its gonna make another problem. Everyone is gonna use fucking support pointstreaks because they can’t get high streaks. Support is stupid, how is it a streak if it continues after you die? And you and your team will be doing great and the only good guy on the enemy team uses support and near the end gets a fucking juggernaut and fucks up your streak and maybe win the game. And fucking imagine if the winning team was using it your gonna have one or 2 juggernauts. Im certain this is gonna be the most unbalanced broken Cod yet but i play Snd so way less BS to deal with and im bored of blackops and after 35 days of playtime of mw2 im starting to get a bit bored.

    1. That’s why they’re not called “Killstreaks” anymore but “Pointstreaks”. You get points for doing various things besides killing if you play objective game modes such as defending flags and whatnot. The support version of the Juggernaut isn’t all that great. He has the ballistic shield and machine pistol. He’s mainly there to distract you like the regular soldier with the ballistic shield in MW2. Plus they move a lot slower. People complained that “Killstreaks” were over powered MW2 because people would get them too easily with stacking. The Support Package gives you the opportunity to help the team and not kill the enemy aside from the Remote Turret and Stealth Bomber. It encompasses the CUAV, SAM Turret, Advanced UAV (Blackbird), Ballistic Vests etc. Everything in the support package is designed to help the team and take down Assault Pointstreaks. It’s not designed to kill people with the Assault Package.

      1. You don’t even know what you’re talking about… Support has a juggernaut streak, you’re equipped with a pistol, riot shield and 1000 points of health. All this for 15 kills, no streak. Also, support has the osprey gunner, which gives you couple care packages (which do give assault killstreaks), and plus the osprey then flies around the map killing people. And I’m pretty sure everyone can get 18 kills in a game, so there’s gonna be half your team running support getting a few juggernauts, ospreys, and they’re getting it for having no skill whatsoever. (BTW, killstreaks reset after you get them all, so if people with 20 something kills and a few captures will be getting two of these a game). So in conclusion.. extremely disappointing in MW3, don’t want to be rushed by 5 guys with 1000 health with a riot shield, and will not be getting this crapfest.

  2. M16 through and through. That was my primary for MW1 and 2 (although I went through 2 prestiges or so with just the Famas in MW2).

    I also can’t wait to get my hands on the USP. I fell in love with that weapon thanks to the CoD series.

  3. So basically i have to give up a perk because someone else is using the cheapest perk in the game?! give up sleight of hand, scavenger, or extreme conditioning!?!? that is not acceptable! just switch assassin to a death streak at least then if he gets killed a lot from the air support, or uavs he will have a couple of seconds to get his groove back……if there is something that will determine whether MW3 will be a good game or a great game is that perk…..

  4. Split screen on COD = FAIL

    It was a complete sh!tstorm on Black Ops and made me leave the series. I admit these support roles intrigue me, but Activision has burned me one too many times.

    I can’t give them $60 for them to go and charge people $50 a year to give them all sorts of goodies to beat my azz with because I didn’t want to pay $50 per year.

  5. omg the USP is back.

    Mp5 or M16A4 for CoD4
    Thompson & Gewher for CoD:WaW
    MP5k & M16 for MW2
    Black Ops Anything i wanted cause i played for fun.
    Mw3 will be interesting. USP and M16A4 is my prediction 🙂

    This isn’t going to be MW3, but MW2.5 i believe and ill still play it like every other god dam sucker out there, but im happy to know that MW3 will be taking some risks considering BF3 is now spurting some competition!

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