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Starhawk Stress Testing For A Good Launch and Online Splitscreen Details News 11

News 11 The guys over at LightBox Interactive have made a few new announcements concerning game launch and split-screen online. In preparation for launch, Lightbox Interactive has announced in a blog post that once the servers come back online, which they should be, they will be performing a system stress test. What does this mean? Well for one, […]

New Twisted Metal Demo Details, Available for a ‘Limited Window’ News 6

News 6 Earlier this week it was revealed that the Twisted Metal Demo would hit PSN on the 31st of January. David Jaffe has now come out to discuss the content of the demo and what players can expect. David Jaffe, via Twitter, stated that he wanted the demo to be online for a certain amount of […]

MW3 – ACR Most Popular Gun, Big Role for Tagging/Spotting, Assassin not like Ghost, and more News 14

News 14 More Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer details have emerged. ACR the new Famas? In a recent NowGamer interview, Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist Robert Bowling, aka FourZeroTwo, revealed that the ACR was the most used gun in the assault category throughout Call of Duty XP in response to the concern of how the Famas was the most dominant gun in […]