Zombie Army 4 Update 1.33 May 18 Shambles Out for Fixes

Zombie Army 4 Update 1.33

While Rebellion just released the Season 3 patch for Zombie Army 4: Dead War earlier this month, the studio has today released the Zombie Army 4 update 1.33 May 18 patch, which is purely for fixes.

Zombie Army 4 Update 1.33 May 18 Patch Notes:

The studio has not released a big list of changes, but from the update history of the game, this is listed:

• Bug fixes and improvements for Terminal Error.

Terminal Error is, of course, the Season 3 content that was released earlier this month.

In addition to that, there has been another patch released,previously (1.32) which includes its own list of fixes:

• Quality of life fixes for Death Canal and Blood Count.
• Bug fixes and improvements.

That’s about it. Chances are, we won’t get an official announcement regarding the changes, but if we do, we’ll update the post to reflect anything new.

If you’re curious what the changes made were in the Season 3 patch, check out the list below from the game’s official website.

  • Added support for Season 3 Paid Content:
    • Terminal Error (Campaign)
    • Undercover Marie Outfit Pack (Character Skin & 2 x Hats)
    • Zombie Headgear Pack (4 x Hats)
    • M1934 Pistol Bundle (1 x Weapon, 2 Charms & 2 x Weapon skins)
    • Elemental Weapon Skins (Weapon skins for original weapons)
    • Zombie Charm Pack (4 Charms)
  • Free Horde Map – Frozen in Fear
  • Free Game Mode – Nightmare Mode (1-2 Players only, for experienced zombie hunters!)
  • 3 New Achievements (Complete Terminal Error, Frozen in Fear and Nightmare Mode)
  • New Feature – Voice selection for all playable characters. When selecting your character, you can now choose any voice, regardless of gender.
  • Quality of life improvements – re-balancing applied to Dead Ahead, Meat Locker, Zombie Zoo, Rotten Coast, All Roads Lead To Hell & Hell Base.
  • General bug fixes and improvements.

If you spot anything gameplay-related not mentioned above, let us know what you find down in the comments.

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