E-WIN Flash XL Gaming Chair Review – A Luxurious Roller

e-win flash xl gaming chair review

If you game for hours at a time, you want to do so in comfort. While couches are nice, they are very expensive and made for distance viewing. When you’re gaming, you might want to be closer to the television, or simply at a desk in front of a monitor, much closer to the screen in order to take in all the details of the game you are playing. Enter the gaming chair: it’s basically an office chair, but with tons of padding, spill-resistant materials, and of course, bright, bold colors (some even sport RGB lights, though this is rare). E-WIN has their own take on this popular furniture type, and we were allowed to roll around on one of our own over the past month or so, and have a real-world review ready.

Hefty Assembly Required

As is the norm with most furniture, you have to put it together yourself. Assembly is easy, and it should take most people no longer than an hour or so to complete. The included instructions do not match perfectly to the chair in the box, at least ours did not, but it hardly mattered. There’s only a few pieces to the whole unit, and they only fit inside or pair with certain other parts. Really, the most difficult part of assembling the chair is in maneuvering the extra large pieces. Since this chair is oversized, it is also heavier than you might be expecting. The wheel base is metal, which is reassuring in terms of long-term durability, but again, it’s also heavier than competing chairs’ plastic bases. A slight trade-off that feels worth it.

The E-WIN Flash Series XL gaming chair is covered from top to bottom cushion with a form of cold-cure foam. While this is not the Revolutionary edition and thus does not react to temperature, it is extremely thick padding – you’d be hard-pressed to feel any of the chair’s frame hiding under such luxurious foam. Even though this is not E-WIN’s most premium material, even on very hot (over 37/100 degrees C/F) day inside without the AC running, I did not break a sweat while working or gaming. So it seems E-WIN have selected a foam that is comfortable without being too hot, which is a hard problem to solve.

Metal for Heavy Loads

The frame of the Flash XL is all-metal, which is not surprising considering its weight limit of 550 lbs. Combined with the star base, which is also made of metal, results in a heavier weight for this chair than many others out there. Once assembled, the chair is dead silent, as there is very little plastic on the chair so there is nothing to creak and squeak as you move around.

Included in the classic version of the Flash XL are two pillows, one for your neck and the other for your lower back. They are filled with a high density foam that stays firm, providing support where it’s needed most when sitting for long stretches of time, while also serving as a reminder to sit upright in order to feel both pillows.

Armrests are a critical part of a chair to get right, adding to long-term satisfaction when done right, and leading to arm irritation if done incorrectly. The armrests on the Flash XL are made of PU, and they are quite thick. The padding takes a lot of effort to push on, and as such the armrest maintains its shape quite well. Yet the armrest feels forgiving against your arm, instead of hard as a lot of armrests do. These also move in “4D,” meaning you can rotate them, raise or lower them, and slide them in and out. This makes them more versatile than most other chairs’ armrests.

The E-WIN Flash XL next to a regular-sized chair.

Can Your Chair Do This?

Can a piece of furniture be called a gaming chair if it doesn’t recline? E-WIN would probably argue that feature is mandatory in this category, and I’d be inclined to agree. The Flash XL can recline its back up to 155 degrees, which is more than enough to lie comfortably in and take a nap. However, when the chair is in this orientation, it can start to feel a bit unstable. Perhaps it’s just not being used to being in such a large chair, but each time I leaned back it felt like I was going to tilt over. Yet when I sat back up, I did not hear any wheels touch the ground, meaning the chair never tilted. It is just something to get used to when you’re in a larger chair, I suppose.

Speaking of tilting, the whole chair can do just that. A multi-tilt mechanism lets you lean the seat backwards, allowing you to lock the chair to that setting by simply releasing a lever. This can help raise your legs, or let you relax a little bit more. As in, kick off your shoes, lean back, and put your legs on the desk when work is done for the day, or when you complete some hard task, or maybe when you smoke some newbs in your favorite game.


Having used this chair as my daily driver for over a month, I can safely say anyone who buys one will not regret it, though their wallet may cry for a little. There are no signs of wear and tear, though of course considering its price I am extra careful around it to begin with. Unlike some other chairs that I have reviewed where falling asleep in them can make you uncomfortable after a few hours, the Flash XL remains comfortable no matter how long you sit down nonstop in it. Whatever padding they’re using is top-notch.

The E-WIN Flash XL gaming chair may be the last chair you’ll need. Its robust construction all but assures it’ll be able to keep up with any intense gaming or work session you can throw at it. With a maximum load rating of 550 lbs, it’ll also hold almost anyone without any creaking or failures. The 4D arm rests are incredibly maneuverable, meaning no matter which way you sit, your arms are likely to find a good angle to work with. The 155-degree wtilt of the back means power naps are as comfortable as they are useful. While it may be easy to feel out of balance on a chair this large when it tilts, it’s an easy sensation to adapt to. Now, is all this durability and comfort worth the MSRP of $599? Well, with not a whole lot of competition at that price point, it’s tough to say. But, E-WIN often runs sales on their equipment: as of this writing, the Flash XL Classic is now as low as $469. This makes it a slightly easier pill to swallow, and it’s hard to argue with the finished product.

Score: 9/10


  • Incredibly comfortable for long stretches of time
  • All-metal frame means high maximum load and great durability
  • “4D” armrests, 155-degree reclining round out the package


  • Very heavy
  • Large size can feel unstable, even if it isn’t
  • Pricey

The manufacturer E-WIN provided hardware for review purposes. Equipment tested in a home office while gaming and working. You can read MP1st’s review and scoring policy right here.

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1 day ago

I got a gaming chair from Ebay and assembly was fairly easy, although i found that watching a YouTube tutorial made it a breeze. Most gaming chairs assembly is the same for the most part from what i’ve seen.

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