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5 Reasons Why The Xbox gamescom 2017 Show Sucked News 2

News 2 The Xbox gamescom 2017 press event took place last night. Though there were a few decent reveals, the show left me mostly underwhelmed. And so, instead of proceeding with the planned “Xbox gamescom 2017 Highlights” video, I’ve put together a compilation of the lows. Watch the video above for my list of the five reasons […]

5 Reasons Why Battlefield Apocalypse Should Be Next in the Series News 23

News 23 It’s not yet clear what 2018’s Battlefield title will be. A futuristic Battlefield 2143, perhaps? A Bad Company sequel or spin-off, maybe? Or is just Battlefield 5? Or, by some madness, Battlefield Hardline 2? It could be any of these, or something else entirely! I decided to capture my excitement for the upcoming release in the video embedded […]

5 Reasons Why LawBreakers Has Failed — LawBreakers Low Player Count Discussion News 12

News 12 Following LawBreakers‘ disappointing PC launch numbers, I went ahead and put together a video feature listing the reasons which may have caused the game to have failed. These include the low interest at launch, the genre being tired, the free access to trial the game, and more.  Sure, it’s early days, and the game could well […]