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Deathloop New Trailer Goes Into the Mind of Colt News 0

News 0 Bethesda and developer Arkane Lyon have released a Deathloop new trailer today, and it features a look at our protagonist’s inner psyche. The new trailer takes players into the mind of our protagonist Colt as he seeks out two of the eight key assassination targets keeping him imprisoned on the time-locked island of Blackreef. Arkane’s […]

Deathloop Delayed to Q2 2021 News 1

News 1 During the PS5’s game showcase, one of the surprise announcements was Arkan Studios’ Deathloop, and what’s even more surprising was, it was targeted to be released in holiday 2020 as a timed PS5 exclusive. Today, Arkane Lyon announced the Deathloop delayed news, and it’s a pretty understandable one. More MP1st Reading: Confirmed AAA Holiday 2020 […]