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Killer Instinct – Check Out Sadira’s Classic Costume In Action News 0

News 0 While Adam Isgreen, creative director over at Microsoft, hinted at the classic costume of Killer Instinct character, Sadira, a few weeks ago, it looks like we’re getting our first look today. Sadira’s rumored alternate costume has been outed thanks to YouTuber Gaming Skulls. Check out the video above. (Note that it is in Spanish.) In recent Killer Instinct […]

Killer Instinct – Spinal’s Classic Outfit Leaked News 1

News 1 Much like Thunder, who’s costume was leaked before it was even announced or made available for download, it appears that Spinal’s classic Killer Instinct costume has also been leaked before an any official announcement. The leaked Spinal’s classic outfit comes from “Bennijin” over on Double Helix’s forum, who has managed to discover the unreleased costume. You […]