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Battlefield 4 – Xbox 360 Gets a Day One Patch, DICE ‘Strongly Advises’ You Download It News 7

News 7 Those popping Battlefield 4 into their Xbox 360 for the first time can expect to be greeted with a day one update for the recently released shooter. According to it’s description in the Xbox Live marketplace, the 119.21 MB update contains improvements for the multiplayer portion of the game. Beyond that, it doesn’t offer any […]

PlayStation 4 Day One Update Detailed News 60

News 60 Those taking home a PlayStation 4 when it launches next month can look forward to an day-one update to for the next-generation console. According to Sony, will add basic functions to the PlayStation 4 such as party chat and the ability to record your gameplay. Thankfully, this update won’t take long to download and install […]