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Fallout 76 Update 1.28 Patch Notes and File Sizes – Here’s What Got Fixed in News 0

News 0 Bethesda Game Studios released a new Fallout 76 update for all platforms, and it’s live now! Numbered Fallout 76 update 1.28 ( by Bethesda), it clocks in at just 1.4GB on PS4, and less than 65MB on PC. Check out the full Fallout 76 update 1.28 patch notes below. Fallout 76 update 1.28 patch notes […]

Bethesda Announce Fallout 76 New Event – Project Clean Appalachia News 0

News 0 Bethesda has announced Project Clean Appalachia, a series of community events in Fallout 76 which will award every single player in the game for taking part. The events will award items such as exclusive cosmetics, Purveyor discounts, and a second round of the time limited event Meat Week. The story behind Project Clean Appalachia is […]

Fallout 76 Update 1.27 Patch Notes Now Live, File Size and Details Listed News 0

News 0 Fallout 76 Update 1.27 patch notes are live now alongside the game’s latest update, which is commonly known as Patch 13 by players. This update adds a lot of quality of life improvements, as well as an entirely new system for Public Events, and a brand new map for the battle royale game mode, Nuclear […]

Fallout 76 Public Events Changes Inbound With Patch 13 News 0

News 0 Bethesda has revealed Fallout 76 Public Event changes which will hit the game with Patch 13, an update due out next Tuesday. The updates to Public Events are based completely on player feedback, and as such they should please the community as a whole with both changes to UI and mechanics. Bethesda has taken a […]

Fallout 76 Upcoming Update Changes Detailed by Bethesda News 0

News 0 In the latest Inside The Vault article Bethesda has outlined some Fallout 76 upcoming update changes which will hit the game with patch 13. While many bug fixes and patches for smaller issues will form the bulk of the update, there are several key areas that players are keen to see addressed in Fallout 76. […]

Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Update – Items and Sales for August 27, 2019 News 0

News 0 The Fallout 76 Atomic Shop update for August 27, 2019 is now live. The update brings new items to the store for players to purchase using Atoms, as well as some free content that they can get their hands on if they log in from today. As a little reminder, Atoms are the premium currency […]

Fallout 76 Update 1.26 Patch Notes and File Size Info – Brings Vault 94 and More News 0

News 0 Bethesda has released a new Fallout 76 update, and it’s a big one! This one brings in Vault 94, Nuclear Winter’s Choose Your Perks system and so much more! There are also gameplay fixes included as well. Check out the full Fallout 76 update 1.26 patch notes below! Note that this is also called Fallout […]

Fallout 76 Raid Details for Vault 94 Show an Evolving Activity News 1

News 1 Bethesda has revealed new details about the upcoming Fallout 76 raid activity in Vault 94. The raid will be an evolving activity that gives players new content to complete each week, keeping things fresh for the dedicated players who will run the raid multiple times a day just for fun. Vault 94, in Fallout 76 […]

Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Update – Items and Sales for August 13, 2019 News 0

News 0 Bethesda may not have said anything official on it yet, but the Fallout 76 Atomic Shop update is live right now. This week we’re seeing a huge sale on items that have been available for a very long time, as well as a big push for a beloved bundle, indicating that it could be the […]

World Record Scorchbeast Queen Kill in Fallout 76 Took Five Seconds News 1

News 1 One clan of players have claimed the world record for the fastest Fallout 76 Scorchbeast Queen kill in the game’s history. This clan managed to take down the toughest enemy in the game in just five seconds, a feat that has never legitimately been seen until now. Check out the video below which highlights a […]

Fallout 76 Update 1.25 Patch Notes, File Size and More Detailed News 0

News 0 Fallout 76 Update 1.25 Patch Notes are now available, which details all the new content dropping in this update along with a number of bug fixes. The download size is about 4GB on consoles and 1.5GB on PC, you can read up on Fallout 76 update 1.24 patch notes below. Don’t forget to check out […]

Player Identifies Fallout 76 Treasure Map Rewards From 300 Maps News 0

News 0 Wickedychickady, the same player responsible for the Tourist Trap Map, has detailed Fallout 76 treasure map rewards from their time digging up 300 treasures. Wickedychickady is level 200, and had five of each of the thirty-five maps available in the game, so they documented what they found region by region in order to help other […]

Fallout 76 Update 1.24 Patch Notes, File Size and More Detailed News 0

News 0 While we just got a Fallout 76 update last week, Bethesda has rolled out a hotfix today, and as one might expect, it’s for bug fixes and technical stability. You can check out the full Fallout 76 update 1.24 patch notes below. Clocking in at just 50MB on PC, and under 1GB on PS4 and […]

Japanese Players Can Finally Use the Fallout 76 Atomic Shop News 0

News 0 Yesterday was the first time since the game launched that Japanese players could purchase ATOM for use in the Fallout 76 Atomic Shop. Up until July 24, 2019, ATOM has been unavailable for Japanese Fallout 76 players to buy, leading to them calling themselves ‘Children of ATOM’ as a bit of a joke at the […]

Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Update – Items and Sales for July 23 2019 News 0

News 0 A new Fallout 76 Atomic Shop update has gone live for July 23 2019. The update features new items that players can purchase with the Atoms they’ve either bough themselves, or earned through in-game challenges. Many of these items are time-limited, and won’t be available forever, so anyone hoping to get them should do so […]

Fallout 76 Veteran Mode Pitched by High Level Players News 0

News 0 A new way of playing Fallout 76 has been suggested by a number of players in the community: Fallout 76 Veteran Mode. This new game mode would be optional for high level players, offering more challenge and better rewards for hardcore Vault Dwellers. In a post on Reddit, user BackpackMarv posted about how, in a […]

Bethesda Reveals Details of Fallout 76 Future Changes – Meat Week News 0

News 0 In their latest Inside the Vault blog post, Bethesda has revealed some details about Fallout 76 future changes, as well as new events coming to the game. So far Fallout 76 has seen few time limited events, but each one has been loved by players, who are always saying how hungry they are for more […]

Fallout 76 Tourist Guide: Find the Tourist Without Server Hopping in Fallout 76 With This Tourist Trap Map News 0

News 0 Use this handy Tourist Trap Map to locate the Tourist without server hopping in Fallout 76, and finally get that ProSnap Deluxe Camera.

Fallout 76 Update 1.23 Patch Notes, File Size and Details News 0

News 0 Vault hunters, a new Fallout 76 update is out now on consoles! Bethesda has rolled out Fallout 76 update 1.23, and it’s a big one. Clocking in at 4.1GB, 5GB on Xbox One, and 2.5GB on PC, the full Fallout 76 update 1.23 patch notes can be seen below along with a summary. Fallout 76 […]

Fallout 76 Update 1.22 Patch Notes, File Sizes and More Revealed News 1

News 1 Those who are playing Fallout 76, you might have noticed that a new patch has been released for the online game. While that might be the case, some of you might be wondering why we haven’t reported on it, or why there isn’t any patch notes making the rounds. Well, it seems the Fallout 76 […]

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