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Fallout 76 First Patch on Consoles Is a Whopping 47GB News 0

News 0 Over the weekend, Bethesda announced that the Fallout 76 first patch will be rolled out on Monday (today). Well, the publisher has stuck true to their word, and you might want to clear some space on your HDD. The patch clocks in at a chunky 47.25GB on PS4, and brings the game to version 1.02. […]

Traversing the Fallout 76 Map From End to End Will Take You 35 Minutes News 0

News 0 Bethesda hasn’t been shy when it comes to its ambition for Fallout 76. While we’ve already seen the Fallout 76 map, it’s another thing to actually traverse through it. If you’re wondering just how big the actual map is, well, we now have an answer for you! Sort of. YouTuber 2Franks did the arduous task […]

Fallout 76 Upcoming Fixes and Features Outlined by Bethesda, First Patch Out Monday News 0

News 0 Regardless if you’re a fan of Bethesda’s Fallout 76 or not, it’s hard to deny how many bugs are present in the game right now. Thankfully, Bethesda is aware of this, and has now outlined a list of Fallout 76 upcoming fixes and features. Bethesda has also revealed that the first patch for Fallout 76 […]

Fallout 76 Trophies & Achievements Revealed, 51 Total and None Are Hidden News 0

News 0 With Fallout 76 set for release in just a day (or even a few hours depending on where you’re located), the full list of Fallout 76 Trophies and Achievements have made its way online! There are a total of 51 Trophies/Achievements, and none of them are hidden in case you’re curious. Name Description Platinum Trophy […]

Bethesda Has an “Incredible List of Updates” for Fallout 76 Post-Launch, Issues Letter Thanking the Devs & Fans News 0

News 0 We’re almost there, Fallout fans! In just a few days, Fallout 76 will finally make its way out of the development wasteland and into our living rooms, gaming rooms, etc. While Bethesda has been known to make vast, open world games, this is the first time the company is embarking on a live services-type title […]

Get This Free Fallout 76 PS4 Theme and Avatars Set Right Now News 0

News 0 Who doesn’t want free stuff, right? If you’re looking forward to Fallout 76, and planning to pay on the PS4, here’s just the thing to make the wait a little bit easier. Sony is giving out a free Fallout 76 PS4 theme (dynamic), and avatars! You can download both the free Fallout 76 PS4 theme […]

Fallout 76 Day One Patch Is Bigger Than the Actual Game News 1

News 1 With almost every big AAA game now needing a day one update, it’s understandable that whatever install size a game is when announced, isn’t the hard disk space allocation we actually need to be able to run it. But have you ever heard of a day one update that was bigger than the actual game? […]

Watch This Fallout 76 Live Action Trailer to Brighten Your Day News 0

News 0 Bethesda has released a new promotional material for Fallout 76, and it’s none other than a Fallout 76 live action trailer that tries to bring some upbeat mood to the Wasteland! With background music from the Beach Boys (Wouldn’t It Be Nice), how can you not be happy, right? The Appalachian Wasteland comes alive in […]

Fallout 76 Interactive Map Created by a Fan and Here’s What It Can Do & How to Download It News 0

News 0 If you’re taking part in the Fallout 76 beta, or just looking forward to the game, then you might want to think of downloading this Fallout 76 interactive digital map! It’s made by Reddit user djbza, and while it’s unofficial, it has a lot of features which should be helpful for those thinking of traversing […]

Fallout 76 Beta Size on PS4 Is Doubled Compared to Xbox One, PC News 1

News 1 In case you didn’t know, the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. (Break-It Early Test Application as Bethesda puts it) , is now live on the Xbox One, with the PS4 and PC set to follow a week later.. While the Fallout 76 beta size is only at 30-45GB on Xbox One, and PC, it’s at a whopping 96GB […]

Check Out the Full Fallout 76 Map Right Now News 0

News 0 With Bethesda now dipping its toes into the shared world, games-as-a-service (GaaS) genre with Fallout 76, some might be wondering just how big this version of the Wasteland set in West Virginia is. It’s big, but you don’t have to believe me, you can check out the full Fallout 76 map below. Of course, this […]

Fallout 76 Microtransactions Detailed, Currency to Be Called “Atoms” News 0

News 0 In a not-so-surprising move, Fallout 76 microtransactions are going to be part of the game when it launches. Fortunately, Bethesda has refrained from allowing players to purchase Perk Cards and other game-altering stuff with it. Instead, Fallout 76 microtransactions will purely be about cosmetics. The currency for microtransactions in Fallout 76 will be called “Atoms,” […]

Fallout 76 Mods and Private Servers Are Coming Post-Launch News 0

News 0 If you’re a fan of Bethesda-made games, then there’s a big chance that you’re expecting mods for each title the company releases. In case you’re wondering if we’ll see Fallout 76 mods, the answer is yes, but not at launch. This was revealed by Project Leader Jeff Gardner in a recent interview, where it was […]

Hours of Fallout 76 Gameplay Have Vaulted Out, Watch Some Now News 0

News 0 It seems the embargo for Fallout 76 has lifted, as a TON of Fallout 76 gameplay footage is now available from a bunch of different sources. Want to know how combat is? Progression? All that and more can be seen in the videos below. Obviously, some of the footage below might be considered a bit […]

Bethesda: Fallout 76 Built to Be Supported on a “Month-to-Month” and “Week-to-Week” Basis News 0

News 0 While Fallout 76 might be Bethesda’s full-fledged GaaS (games as a service) online-centric title (The Elder Scrolls Online’s primary developer was Zenimax Online Studios), the studio has a lot of ambitious plans in place. One of these said plans is Fallout 76 support that’s being planned per week, and per month. In an interview, Bethesda […]

Fallout 76 Cross-Play Not Happening Confirms Bethesda, Watch the Official Intro Right Now News 0

News 0 While Sony announced yesterday that the PlayStation 4 version of Fortnite will allow for cross-platform play (in beta right now), don’t expect Bethesda’s upcoming online Action RPG, Fallout 76 to be in the same boat. Over on Twitter, Bethesda SVP of Global Marketing Pete Hines announced that Fallout 76 cross-play is not happening, and he’s […]

Fallout 76 Beta Progress Planned to Carryover to Final Version, Requires PS Plus/XBL Gold, File Size & More Revealed News 2

News 2 With Bethesda announcing the release date for the Fallout 76 beta, the studio also rolled out a comprehensive FAQ regarding the network stress test. In the FAQ, Bethesda answered some of the most important questions fans might have about the Fallout 76 beta. Will players need PlayStation Plus/Xbox Live Gold to participate? How big is […]

Fallout 76 Beta Release Date Announced, Arrives First on Xbox One (Update) News 0

News 0 Update: It seems Bethesda has confirmed that progress from the Fallout 76 beta is planned to be carried over to the final game. That and more questions have been answered which you can read about here. Apologies for any confusion! Original Story: Hyped to play Bethesda’s Fallout 76? You won’t have to wait until release […]

Bethesda Lets Cancer-Stricken Boy Play Fallout 76 Ahead of Release News 0

News 0 Here’s something good to brighten your day/night. Bethesda, publisher of such games like Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, DOOM, and many more, made cancer-stricken boy’s wish come true, as the company gave him a chance to play Fallout 76 before release. Wes, a 12-year old boy from Virginia, USA,  who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the […]

Fallout 76 Online Multiplayer Confirmed; Solo Experience Still Available News 0

News 0 The rumors turned out to be true, with Fallout 76 online multiplayer confirmed onstage during the Bethesda E3 2018 conference. Todd Howard made the big reveal, but reassured single-player fans that a solo experience would still be available. Check out the Fallout 76 E3 trailer below, and remember that this is all playable with friends! Essential Reading: The Last […]

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